Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Meme on Depictions of Germans v Poles

Lukasz sent this in. Too funny not to share. 



  1. Hello Dr Goska,

    Comments were also quite funny. Let me quote some:

    "Any similarities are totally coincidental!"

    "Tell me it's not real please"

    "Can't tell if it's Merkel's ferewell party or a start of a new reich"

    "When is the ceremonial burning of the Reichstag?"

    "Ah, The Third Reich, those were the days…."

    "Party like it's 1939."

    "They’re looking for books to burn."

    "Historically I suppose they're going to annex Austria next."

    "Looks familiar. Hmmm."

    "Better hide the books."

    "Absolutely crazy! Do they not see themselves?"

    "They just can't help themselves"

    "When do they invade France?"

    "Old habits die hard"

    "They are getting the band back together. Reunion tour."

    "Pretty scary. Especially for their neighbour, Poland."

    "Lord help us all!!"

    "I love how they colourise these old Third Reich photos. Makes you feel like you're really there."

  2. Hello again,

    Today is the anniversary of the massacre in Stary Ciepielów and Rekówka. On the 6th of December 1942 Germans murdered 33 people. 2 Jewish men were murdered because they were Jews. 31 Poles were murdered for the crime of helping other human beings.

  3. Those two pics sum up the whole Bieganski thing well.


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