Sunday, April 11, 2021

Polish Homophobia's Financial and Reputational Cost: Krasnik in the New York Times


Credit...Kasia Strek for The New York Times

Two years ago, the Polish town of Krasnik, like many other municipalities in Poland, declared itself an LGBT-Free Zone. Krasnik has paid a heavy financial and reputational cost. A sister city cut off relations. Millions of dollars in foreign aid disappeared. The town has become "a synonym for homophobia," the mayor says. "We have become Europe's laughingstock." The mayor wants the anti-LGBT resolution repealed. 

Openly gay Cezary Nieradko said the town pharmacist refused to fill his prescription for a heart medication. 

PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski alleges that LGBT ideas are "weakening the West." One wonders if he has heard of Michelangelo, George Cukor, Martina Navratilova, Douglas Murray, Sappho, or Gerard Manley Hopkins. 

Full story here


  1. The NEW YORK TIMES? That's really an authoritative source of information about Poland.

  2. A liberal Polish journalist Marcin Wrona lives in the USA. He describes social problem - racism, shootings, low quality of cheap food, which causes obesity of poor Americans. I prefer our Polish problems. Regarding New York - so many elderly people have died.

  3. Mr Peczkis is right, the NYT is frequently biased. They really have a problem - Krasnik, 34 000 inhabitants. NYC 32 000 Covid victims.

  4. The comments about the NYT are not helpful. Either the facts of the article are true or the facts of the article are false. We know the facts are true. Any number of news sources have covered Poland's disastrous and shameful "LGBT Free Zone"s.

    1. The USA has real problems to be ashamed of - common crueltym, racism. So they prefer to discuss the state of mind of Krasnik people - 34 000 inhabitans.

  5. Hello,

    I would like to add something.

    Norway is not a EU member. They pay for access to Polish market. It's not charity. It seems they don't want to pay any longer. By the way, Poles living in Norway are fleeing to Poland because of Barnevernet.
    And not just Poles. Ethnic Norwegians flee to Poland too.

    "Bartosz Staszewski, an L.G.B.T. activist from Warsaw"
    He prefers to be called Bart. It sounds less Polish. He's originally from Malmö (city of no-go-zones, how ironic). His fake sign is a felony. And he makes a living by slandering Poland.

    Kraśnik adopted a Family Charter. That's how WE call it. Other towns did the same. That "free of LGBT" is a foreign invention. Please note that natives are not using that term. NYT "journalist" is doing it.
    Just like others were writing about "Polish concentration camps" or "Holocaust law".

    Gay guy in the article left town on his own. Nobody kicked him out from it. And the fact that he went to other place with Family Charter makes his tory kinda silly. On the scale of persecution from 1 to 10 he gets 0.

    Don't Westerners have some bigger problems? Not just kung-flu.
    Islamisation for example. Or terrorism. No-go-zones. Mass illegal migration. Attacks on Jews/Asians/Whites. Rise of China as global power. Censorship in social media. Leftists loonies destroying women's sport. Persecution Christians/women/apostates/gays in muslim countries. That sort of things.

    1. To be exact Krasnik has an anti-LGBT ideology declaration, they have also an anti-5G declaration. Another detail - Bart Staszewski has been trained by a US foundation.

    2. Łukasz, your post pays homage to the venerable Soviet tradition of whataboutism. "A u Was murzynów biją"!

    3. You Americans even kill your Afroamericans but you care about alleged Krasnik LGBT victms.

    4. Jerzy Pankiewicz thank you for accusing me of murdering African Americans. Your accusation helps me to understand you.

    5. Hello Mr Sitarek,

      Let me be Your personal Copernicus. I'm not the one who's doing whataboutism here. There are serious problems in the US. Shootings in the gay clubs and in the synagogues for example. And the American press is whining about situation in Poland. Well, in Poland minorities don't end up in body bags.

    6. Lukasz your post is whataboutism.

    7. I am poorly educated. My village teachers had high school education (liceum pedagogiczne) and everyone was terrorised by Communists. So please Dr Goska, explain me how to answer hundreds of hostile and ignorant (see Masha Gessen in The NY recently) texts? Shall our government be controlled by postcolonial progessive US embassy, the NYT or US universities? Poland is democratic, we have elected our government. I do not accept 'human minority rights ideology' imposed by the USA. I used to live under a 'Worker's Party' hated by workers, some day you nay be ruled by self-declared victims. Our activists misuse crowfounding to live better than people they allegedly defend. I do not know anything about Krasnik, but if the town would have oppressed one progressive person, a bunch of activists would have invided Krasnik. People in Poland die because of virus, not racist or sexual persecutions.

    8. Dr Goska, your society murders African Americans, you are coresponsibe the same way I am responsible for Krasnik idelogical declarations.

  6. 'Homophobia' means a 'phobia', like 'Arachnophobia'. The word is used however to describe one aspect of conservativsm. Polish Catolic conservatism exists in the context of radical Roma or Islamic ones and Orthodox one. Conservatice Poles are generally agaisnt abortion, euthanasia, pornography, polygamy (accepted by Mormons), homosexality, but de facto accept alcohol and nicotine. Attacking such integrated values does not work. Our rainbow activists do not attract, they play their games, misuse sympathy.


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