Monday, April 12, 2021

Poles Protest a Polish Priest's Blood Libel: Father Tadeusz Guz


Mourners and local residents watch as pallbearers place the coffins of the victims of the Kielce pogrom in a mass grave at the Jewish cemetery. Source: USHMM
The Kielce Pogrom was sparked by a blood libel. 

Father Tadeusz Guz Source

Algemeiner March 24, 2021

Polish Catholic University Professor Who Endorsed Violently Antisemitic ‘Blood Libel’ Exonerated by Disciplinary Committee


By Ben Cohen


A professor at Poland’s leading Catholic university has been spared from disciplinary action and exonerated for a lecture he delivered in 2018 in which he claimed that Polish Jews had engaged in ritual murder — one of the deadliest antisemitic falsehoods to have persisted over the centuries.


Fr. Tadeusz Guz, a professor of philosophy at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), endorsed the “blood libel” during a May 26, 2018 public lecture in Warsaw, in which he falsely alleged that Jews in Poland had engaged in the slaughter of Christian children for ritual purposes.


“We know, dear people, that the facts of ritual murder cannot be erased from history,” Guz told his audience. “Why? Because we, the Polish state, in our archives, in the surviving documents, have had over the centuries — when Jews lived together with our Polish nation — we have legally valid sentences for ritual murders.”


After a complaint was filed by the Polish Council of Christians and Jews, both the Archdiocese of Lublin and the academic authorities at KUL distanced themselves from Guz, but notably refrained from taking further measures against him. “The lecture activities of Fr. Guza outside the university are undertaken and carried out by him on his own responsibility, and the theses he proclaimed are not the position of his superiors,” a joint statement from the two institutions proclaimed at the time…


“Contrary to the KUL committee’s claims, the whole lecture was antisemitic. He argued that Jews as a community have failed God by not converting to Christianity,” Rafał Pankowski, NEVER AGAIN’S director, told The Algemeiner on Wednesday…


According to Pankowski, Guz has been a regular guest on Radio Maryja — a major Catholic broadcaster that frequently transmits antisemitic content — and has delivered other antisemitic lectures in the past. In one such lecture, he accused powerful Jews of having financed Hitler’s regime and the Holocaust.


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Polish News


Monday, April 12, 2021


KUL. Father professor Tadeusz Guz about the ritual murder. The position of the director of the POLIN Museum


I cannot be silent when the world receives a message straight from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – this is how the director of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Zygmunt Stępiński, reacted to the decision of the Disciplinary Commission of the Catholic University of Lublin, which upheld the discontinuance of the proceedings in the case of a university employee, Rev. Professor Tadeusz Guz. It is about his statement about ritual murders…


On April 1, a statement on the decision of the Disciplinary Committee was issued by the director of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Zygmunt Stępiński, who wrote, inter alia, that “with amazement and indignation he received the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Catholic University of Lublin regarding the scandalous statement by Rev. Prof. Tadeusz Guz regarding the so-called ‘ritual murder'”


“Respecting the autonomy of the university, I cannot remain silent when the world receives a message straight from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Nazi or Stalinist propaganda” – he emphasized. He also lodged a protest with the rector of the university, priest professor Mirosław Kalinowski.


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  1. I disagree with Fr. Tadeusz Guz by nearly 100%, but I support his right to speak his mind, and to engage in research wherever it leads him.

    Enough censorship. Enough thought control. Enough cancel culture. And no one can dictate to Poles what they can and cannot say!

  2. A Catholic priest spreading lies about Jews, lies that have claimed the lives of too many Jews, is not about "cancel culture." It's filth. It's deadly filth. There is no reason whatsoever to support this man or his hate mongering, deadly lies.

  3. Professors Grabowski and Engelking spreading lies and hate speach are mirror reflection. Either everyone s allowed to tell lies or noone.

  4. Jedwabne and Kielce are being repeated in almost any article about Poland. What more Poland is able to do about them? What about Palmiry (a recent book in Polish, probably totally unknown abroad, 1793 bodies found, many of them Jewish) or Augustow roundup (after the war), about 600 people perished.

    1. Hello Mr Pankiewicz,

      "What about Palmiry...or Augustów roundup..."
      That is a good question. Why some victims are "better" than others?

      I have a theory about that.
      We have to take under consideration identities. That of the victims. That of the perpetrators. And that of the readers.
      Especially that of the readers. In this case Americans.

      Readers must identify with the victims. They must imagine being in their place. They must be something in common. What is it? In my opinion it's historical experience.
      Victims must get killed in a way that will resonate with the readers. And since we are talking about Americans there is one way, and one way only to do that:
      Victims must be killed by native inhabitants. Preferably by axes, knives or some other primitive weapons.

      And since Jedwabne and Kielce can be blamed on native Poles they are remembered. In Palmiry or Augustów perpetrators were armed foreigners in uniforms. Like in a thousands of towns and villages in Central and Eastern Europe.
      Those victims are not remebered. Doesn't matter if they were Jews or Poles or Belorussians. They died the wrong way.
      They died like redskins at Wounded Knee. They died like peasants in Mỹ Lai.

    2. So Poles of Western Ukraine are perfect vicitms for Americans. They were killed by native inhabitants, their neighbors, by axes and saws. But this research compares
      Poles, not Ukrainians:

    3. "So Poles of Western Ukraine are perfect vicitms for Americans"

      No, they aren't. Poles are Slavs just like Ukrainians. Not to mention that they tended to intermix. It's like feud between two native tribes.

      Americans are colonists. Conflict must mirror their historical experience.
      If a Jew gets axed by a Slav (Pole or Ukrainian, it doesn't really matter)- it's a good way to die. Americans can identify with him.
      If the same Jew gets shot by a foreign soldier - it's a different situation. American don't die like that.


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