Friday, November 8, 2019

SNL: Bad, Bigoted Polaks; Superior Blacks

The sketch, below, is from 2017. I have no excuses for waiting this long to post it. I wanted to post it sooner but time is always an issue. 

High school students visit a tenement museum and two tenement immigrant reenactors depict Polish immigrants as horrible, ignorant bigots. The black student is their moral superior and he corrects them about their bigotry. 

Yes, this is the same Saturday Night Live that recently made a big stink about hiring, and then firing, white male Shane Gillis because they determined his material to be racist against Asians. 

And yes this is the same Saturday Night Live that adored John Belushi who made jokes about an Asian Samurai and a Greek diner worker and recently aired a sketch about horny, elderly Italians making love while cooking spaghetti sauce and hosting their grandchildren. 

I can't emphasize too much here: Polaks are bad because Polaks are bigots. Polaks are the go-to haters of the woke. 


  1. Don't forget: Poles are not a recognized victim group.

  2. The real meta-joke here is that Poles have no problem with the Italians (unless it is a quirk they picked up stateside). If this sketch were true to life, they would be making jokes about... wait for it... Ukrainians.


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