Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Poland Seizes Two for Plotting Attacks on Muslims: Reuters

Full story here


  1. Playboy Poland (a mixture of machismo and progressive liberalism) collapses. An ignorant rightist Polish politician has been interviewed by Al Jazeera making fun of himself. Opposition activists make fun of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard. Recently elected Speaker of the Senate goes to Washington to inform, that there is no democracy in Poland. Journalist Warzecha is expelled from Polish radio (formerly from Polish TV). Allegedly anti-ecological right wants to ban raising animals for fur. A leftist politician says that Polish cows are raped to produce milk. The news inform about Poland better than Reuters.

  2. I also have no idea why do you select the "news" about Poland from thousands ones. We have recently had elections, relatively good economical results, but two idiots have been arrested. Reuters, really. The news is partially 8 years old, because one of the "terrorist" has been perfectly known to the police and punished with court bans. The USA has hundreds of thousands of such armed angry men, Poland has two of them, arrested in this moment, probably because of some mysterious political reasons. My press review describes POland better than Reuters.

    1. No one is forcing you to read this blog. If you don't like it you are free to read elsewhere.

    2. and I still do not understand your post.

  3. I regularly receive emails from readers suggesting that I post about this or that topic. i invite such tips and i also invite people to compose guest blog posts that I post.

    Rather than take that approach, Mr Pankiewicz, you submitted an unclear rant.

    You did not advance your own interests by yelling at my and insulting this blog. You sabotaged yourself.

    Try working with people rather than against them. That will lead to greater success.

    1. Hello Dr Goska,

      I think that what Mr. Pankiewicz wanted to say is that we have bigger problems.

      Those two loosers were under police observation for years. They were arrested now because ABW agency needed a success.

      You probably think that those suspects are Poland's Breivik and Tarrant.
      Well, no, they are Poland's "Olsen gang". And it's good that they were arrested before they managed to hurt themselves.


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