Friday, July 26, 2019

Polish Court Bans Anti-Gay Sticker from Sale: BBC


The BBC reports that a Polish court has banned sale of Gazeta Polska's anti-gay stickers. See full story here

In related news, 4,000 homophobic thugs threw rocks, bottles, and fireworks at 1,000 peaceful gay rights marchers in Bialystok. See more here

Homophobic thugs will be exploited by those who support Bieganski, the Brute Polak stereotype. 

If I were in Poland, I would have been honored to march in Bialystok's gay pride parade. My family came from the Bialystok area. 

Gay people are just like straight people -- with one difference -- they are gay. Ignorant and fearful people hate and persecute gay people. A civilized and truly Christian society does not allow such persecution. 


  1. Let LGBT live just the way they want, and leave the rest of us alone. Then everything will be just fine.

  2. "I would have been honored to march in Bialystok's gay pride parade"

    You would be very lonely in that crowd, dr Goska. I believe that You genuinely care for gays. But those people in Białystok were just virtue signalling, nothing more.
    I wonder if gays in Poland asked for all that attention.

    1. "those people in Białystok were just virtue signalling, nothing more."

      Provide evidence to back up your assertion.

      I could as easily say that people who attend mass are insincere or people who sing the Polish national anthem are insincere or people who say that Poland should tolerate Jews are insincere.

      Such assertions, with no backup, are socially destructive. They serve no positive end.

    2. Dr Goska,

      I can't access that article, but I suspect that Washington Post published falsehoods and withheld some information.

      There were about 600 people on that march. Those marchers came from all around Poland. Mostly leftist activists and journalists. Few gay people. Few local residents.
      And over 1000 policemen protecting them. Such proportions are not usual.
      Ministry of the Interior predicted that such incidents might happen.

      Białystok has a peculiar "reputation". Such march in that city might ba called a provocation. Or stupidity.
      And yet, Białystok's mayor (Civic Platform member) gave his permission.

      Those "homophobic thugs" were counterdemonstrators. And they were also given permission. On the same day. At the same time. In the same part of the city.

      There is such idiom in English language: "throw someone to the wolves". Fits the situation.

      After that march gay activist Hubert Sobecki said: "This violence grew out before the PiS and grew out of indifference...Why only now phone calls came from the journalists who have been asking us how it was in Białystok...
      When we asked Donald Tusk for a meeting when he was Prime Minister, he did not answer."

      Like I wrote before gays are insignificant minority in Poland. Nobody cared about them. Even right wingers ignored them. But now they were given all that foreign attention and leftists/liberals opportunistically pose as righteous people.

    3. Dr Goska,

      You wrote: "I could as easily say that people who attend mass are insincere or people who sing the Polish national anthem are insincere or people who say that Poland should tolerate Jews are insincere."

      Well, in my opinion people who say that Poland should tolerate Jews ARE insincere.
      Tolerance is for immigrants who behave in strange manner. Not for countrymen who worship the same God in a different way.

      Poland should embrace Jews who have embraced Polish culture. Because they are fellow Poles. That's how I see it.

    4. " leftists/liberals opportunistically pose as righteous people"

      I worked on gay rights when I was at IU Bloomington. As you know, when I was there, I was chronically ill, very poor, and working on Bieganski. Even so I did what I could for gay rights.

      My work was no pose.

      Why did I do this? Because the week I moved to Bloomington, letters in the local press called for the murder of gay people, as is demanded in Leviticus.

  3. whatever you think of this parade or the resulting stickers, the idea that a court should ban a sticker is beyond ridiculous. This very decision shows how necessary a court clean up is in Poland.

  4. Dr Goska,
    Poland is not Bloomington.
    Homosexuals were not persecuted in Poland before the war and since 1989. Nations who persecuted the homosexuals now teach Poles what is tolerance. Polish women had economic rights hundreds yeras ago had full rights since 1919.
    Poland has millions of socially disctiminated people, mostly big families. Pleae alloow us to solve our big social problems before we start do discuss the small ones.
    Polish nationalists organize marches in Hajnowka, inhabited by many Belarus people. I'm against such marches. Similarly travelling to Bialystok few weeks before the elections is politics, not human rights.

    1. "Poland is not Bloomington."

      Oh good grief.

      No one here said that Poland is Bloomington.

      Please ... just please. I don't know how to address such a nonsensical statement without sounding unkind.

      Please think before you post. Please post material that has some factual basis.

  5. "Gay people are just like straight people" - but some social activists are not like common people, they scandalize to become popular, both right and left activists, both gay and stright ones. I'm not a native speaker but in Poland "gay" means people who have fun and the majority of homosexuals work hard, have problems and successes.

    1. "some social activists are not like common people"

      People throwing rocks, fireworks, and bottles. Stickers saying gay free zone.

      Hate. Violence.

    2. Stickers saying gay free zone.

      Id like to digress. LGBTQ is not necessarily "gay" people. No one wants to exclude homosexuals. They have been around for a long time, since the very beginning. Im pretty sure some of the greatest Polish patriots we still cherish today were gay (google Maria Rodziewiczowna for example). Im pretty sure some husars fighting the Turks in 1683 at the gates of Vienna were gay and so on. LGBTQ is taken, in Poland, not to mean that one simply like the same sex but as an ideology. Ideology is pretty much disliked in Poland because most Poles are free-thinkers and semi-anarchists.Im fine with helping homosexuals/transpeople to better their lifes. Just do not make an ideology out of it.

    3. " Just do not make an ideology out of it."

      Oh, stop

      Straight people can kiss in public, be stars of films and the main characters in books, march all day long, and no one cares.

      The assholes who threw rocks and bottles and fireworks at gay marchers are the problem, not the gay people.

  6. "as is demanded in Leviticus" - Polish people don't read the Bible. The first homophobe I met was an American protestant, English teacher.

  7. "The first homophobe I met was an American protestant, English teacher."

    People throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks. Stickers saying no gay zone.

    I do not believe that homophobia is not a problem in Poland.

    1. "People throwing rocks, bottles, and fireworks"

      Those people were local inhabitants. Marchers came mostly from Lemmingrad (Warsaw). Cultural missionaries.
      When natives attack a newcomer...well, it's usually newcomer's fault.

      "Stickers saying no gay zone"

      Those were "LGBT-free zone" stickers. It seems like a small difference, but we should be true to the facts. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. LGBT is an ideology.

      "I do not believe that homophobia is not a problem in Poland"

      Oh, it will be. And it will be a result of forcing foreign ideology on people who didn't want it. An allergic reaction, so to speak.

    2. The same people protest defending constitution, judges, freedom of press (but censorship of other opinions), LGBT, women. They travel around Poland. As I have written, I don't like Polish nationalists in Hjanówka, but I don't like anti-government fighters in Białystok, either. If they don't like the government, they should win the next elections.

  8. 1,000 peaceful....

    I am sorry, not all of them were according to eye witnesses.The camaraman of Wiadomosci Narodowe. I have also listened to the Youtuber Jakubowski76 as well as Waldemar (google "Gej przeciwko swiatu", his own website). They both are openly homosexual and they both claim that lgbtq activists are pushing for provocations like the lgbtq (not anymore) Black Madonna-driving away Catholics who happen to be homosexual and do not want to see their belief desacrated.

    While I strongly support civil unions for homosexual couples (and co-parenting agreements) I have come to believe that there is an lgbtq ideology we should fight tooth and nails, for the sake of homosexual and transsexual people everywhere. Sorry, but no, you can not choose your sexuality or your gender. There are just 2 genders. Homosexuality is normal, so why having "Pride" marches? They are making homosexuals and trans-people look ridiculous.

    Also, I hate how we are being colonialized from abroad. Expecially if for example pride marches are sponsored by countries that also happen to mass-import not-so-homofriendly Muslim and African people. They are also severily critizising us for not letting in all those "poor" people from not-so-homofriendly countries because we are "racist" ect.

    One last thing- we can not allow to have others dictate who we should be as a nation. Otherwise the next step will be that we should fight "racism" by taking in all those rocket-scientists from the interesting parts of the world western countries want to get rid of.

    1. "I hate how we are being colonialized from abroad."

      Gay people live in Poland, too.

    2. No one is importing gay people into Poland for crying out loud.

    3. Just to clear up any misunderstanding: of course no one is importing gay people into Poland. But s.o clearly wants to export a highly organized and politicized lgbtq movement into Poland (one that is leftist, anti-patriotic,anti-christian and, paradoxically, pro-Islam). I do not welcome for example German lesbians flying the rainbow flag on Polish streets and lecturing us on how we should live in Poland (happened to me once). I think we should find our style befitting our Culture with regards to this Issue.


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