Friday, July 19, 2019

Gazeta Polska to Distribute Homophobic Stickers

This homophobia is tragic, disgusting, and must stop. Source: CNN


  1. "Must stop"? How will it stop when it's actively encouraged by the top echelon in the ruling party, specifically the cynical Kaczynski, who no doubt sees homophobia as just another part of his long-term campaign - along with demonizing people who do not agree with him or his party, or do not happen to share his faith - in order to make sure that PiS gets re-elected? But some elements in the Church are not far behind Mr K and his followers. How Christian is it for people to throw stones and assault defenseless girls? Should we even be asking this question in the twenty-first century?

  2. I just received a post saying that gay groups have disrespected the Catholic Church, and that gays force their ways on everyone else.

    No gay person has ever tried to force his or her ways on me... what am I missing?

    I'm hesitant to post this message because gay people are subject to persecution in a way that straight people are not, and I don't want to add to their woes.

  3. I don't agree with people being disrespectful of other people's beliefs. The 'rainbow halo', for example, was either stupid, or deliberately provocative. Whoever thought of that must have known that someone was going to be offended. But it's a far cry from provocative imagery to physical violence and that seems to come exclusively from homophobic individuals.

    The problem with the totally cynical and irresponsible Kaczynski, is that he demonizes various individuals or groups and then, when something happens, disappears as if it had nothing to do with his inflammatory rhetoric. I believe he is a major liability for Poland and should be voted out. My parents, who fought - literally and figuratively - for a free and democratic Poland, would have been appalled to see some of the things happening today.

    1. I think the rainbow halo was beautiful. I can't know the intentions of the artist, but the message I got is there are plenty of gay people in Poland, always have been, same as everywhere else and God loves gay people as much as straight people.

    2. Hello Dr Goska,

      If I print hundreds of Mona Lisa pictures with Hitler-style moustaches, and glue those pictures on a wall around Jewish cemetry, would You call me an artist?

      That woman is not an artist. To be an artist is to create something unique. She's a leftist nut job. That's why she made hundreds of copies and glued them on trash cans. Her motivation was to insult Polish Catholics.

      By the way, the message was a lie. There are not plenty of gays in Poland. It's an insignificant minority. Now they are also unpopular.

    3. Lukasz your post makes me immensely sad. I think what you wrote is beneath you.

      Homosexuals are not Nazis. Homosexuals did not murder millions and start a world war. Homosexuals are not threatening the Catholic Church.

      Please pray for the gift of charity.

    4. Hello again,

      I am sorry for the late reply, my computer broke down.

      I never called gay people Nazis, and I don't consider them Nazis. My comment was about plagiarism and desecration posing as art.
      I used moustachioed Mona Lisa as a parallel to "rainbow Mary". An analogy, nothing more.

      In the past foreign powers were using minorities to meddle in Poland's affairs. Or to justify an invasion.
      It had an effect on Poles. A lasting effect unfortunately.

      Now we have all that foreign attention for gays in Poland.
      It's like painting a target on their backs.
      I'm not threatening anyone. In fact I'm very, very worried.

    5. Our Lady of Czestochowa belongs to all of us, not just to homophobes.

  4. The artist may have been deliberately controversial. She may have been innocently inclusive. Either way, she doesn't deserve to be locked up. Only a theocratic state would imprison someone for offending religious feeling. What happened to the tolerance that Poland used to be famous for?

    I don't know whether the artist is still threatened with jail, but here's what I found:

  5. Dear Michal Karski, please name a responsible and non-cynical politician. Schetyna says A and not-A during the same day. No political agenda after 4 years. Biedron has declared to return to Poland but he has not.

    1. Difficult. Off the top of my head I can think of Dwight D Eisenhower

    2. Actually, I've just been reading up about Ike and I didn't realize that his administration was not exactly sympathetic to what we now call the gay community, but those were different times and mindsets in the Western World were different then. As far as I know, Eisenhower didn't actively orchestrate a campaign against gays and lesbians in the way the PiS governments and their cheerleaders, among them the Gazeta Polska is doing right now. Kaczynski and co can only be thankful that no-one was killed in the disturbances in Bialystok.

  6. An honourable Polish politician was Edward Raczynski. I might be able to think of others. I’m not one of these people who think that all politicians are devious or corrupt. I’m sure there are some decent people around.

  7. Hello,

    Gays are not persecuted in Poland. In fact they never were. Unlike in the West, homosexualism was never a crime in my country. Ergo, unlike the Westerners, we aren't so guilt-ridden as to give gay people privileges they don't deserve.

    LTBG/gender ideology is currently promoted by foreign companies, embassies and media. In opinion of many Poles it is a cultural colonialism. And we are treated like savages who need to be civilised.

    Apparently some Westerners still carry a "white man's burden". Those "some" include, in particular, British and American ambassadors to Poland.
    I do hope that their WSC (white savior complex) can be treated. It seems like a serious mental illness.

    In my opinion Westerners are driven by a sense of guilt for past wrongdoings. Persecution of homosexuals. Ownership of slaves. Extermination of natives. These sort of things.
    Now they try to compensate for that. Sometimes in a weird way. By sharing their guilt.
    For example they come to a country where gays were always tolerated. And they try to impose their ideology on the natives. Most of whom are descendants of serfs.

    Someone should tell those Westerners that their guilt is theirs and theirs alone. And that they should promote "gay rights" in Saudi Arabia.

    1. You are absolutely right that pre-war Poland did not criminalize homosexuality. I don't know what it was like under communism, and there's a lot in what you say about Westerners wanting to 'civilize' the barbarous East. This goes back centuries to the so-called progressive thinkers of the Enlightenment who saw everyone east of the Elbe as a bunch of unreconstructed backward peasants. But when you say "gays are not persecuted in Poland", you're speaking theoretically and indulging in wishful thinking. Recent news reports tell a different story. Granted, the people doing the actual persecuting may still be a minority, but if they feel they have the backing not only of the government, but also of some sections of the Church, then why would they behave differently?

      Kaczynski's cynicism is to enlist the extremists so that he can have their support in order to get his party re-elected. Sadly, just as in the UK, the opposition seems to be unable to mount any kind of convincing challenge to his autocratic rule.
      Prime Minister Morawiecki now gives a totally unconvincing speech in which he condemns the violence in Bialystok. He would do better to distance himself from Kaczynski. Like all authoritarians, Kaczynski needs constant enemies. If it's not immigrants with 'parasites' then it's Germans who owe reparations, then it's the EU - although he's happy enough with structural funds from Brussels - and now it's the gays. The man is just so unbelievably negative.

    2. PS - and I'm not saying that the newly-elected UK Prime Minister Johnson is necessarily autocratic - hopefully he won't be, because he seems to have some kind of sense of humour - but the point of similarity is that the Conservatives seem to be impossible to dislodge from office just as PiS is in Poland.

    3. Lukasz are you serious?

      Gay people are teased, beaten, denied basic rights, and murdered, just for being gay, all around the world, including in my country and yours. This has always been true

      Please pray for the gift of compassion.

    4. The worst persecution takes place in Muslim countries. Westerners have a lot of room to act there.
      On other hand...Muslim population in the West is growing fast.

      There is no organised persecution of gay people in Poland. I don't know about their situation in America, but if there is a problem in USA, well...medice cura te ipsum.

    5. four thousand people throwing stones rocks and bottles? A magazine publishing anti gay stickers? Good thing there is not mistreatment of gays in Poland.

  8. The sticker is moronic - Poland should co-opt LGBT. Confrontation is not in Poland's interest.


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