Monday, September 10, 2018

Germans ARE All Nazis, When it Becomes Politically Useful to See Germans As Nazis. Chemnitz, Open Borders, and the New York Times

© John MacDougall, AFP | Demonstrators hold flags of Germany during an anti-migrant protest in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, on September 1, 2018

In writing Bieganski, the Brute Polak Stereotype, and in maintaining this blog for the past seven years, I have often had to type through a maelstrom of emotions. Today is one of those days. 

In my book, and on this blog, I demonstrated how Western cultures, including Israel, have worked hard, since WW II, to cleanse German ethnicity of the taint of Nazism. The taint of Nazism must go somewhere, so it is foisted on to Bieganski, the Brute, Eastern European, Catholic peasant. 

This twisted process is carried out in speeches, in op-eds, in book reviews, in books, in films, TV shows, and in casual, every day comments, all documented on this blog and in the book. 

It just has not been helpful for the West to equate Germans with Nazism's crimes. 

Well, guess what. Today the New York Times published "Germany’s Nazi Past Is Still Present. It is often held up as a model liberal democracy that has fully reckoned with its horrendous crimes. It hasn’t," an op ed by a Yale philosophy professor named Jason Stanley. Stanley's argument can be reduced to, "Scratch a German, Find a Nazi." 

In "Bieganski" I document article after article from prestigious publications that works to exculpate German ethnic identity from association with Nazism. Clearly, when Germans are grouped with Polish Catholic peasants, one group must be guilty and one group must be pure, and the guilty group is the Polish Catholic peasants. 

Now, the grouping is different. 

What has changed? 

Recent weeks have seen protest in Chemnitz, Germany, against the stabbing to death of a German man by Muslim migrants. Chemnitz citizens protested against open borders policies. 

That's why Germans must now all be Nazis. Because it serves the master narrative to make all Germans Nazis, in relation to mass Muslim migration to Europe. 

Get the formula? 

1939-1945 German Nazis / Polish Catholics = Polish Catholics are the real Nazis. 

2018 German citizens / mass Muslim migration, the result of open borders policies = Germans are Nazis. 

The manipulation of hatreds here, the distortion of history, the exploitation of the term "Nazi" to gain political points,  make me sick. 

I attempted to post the following on the NYT website: 

Jason Stanley's piece is shocking and shameless and it deeply disturbs me that the NYT choose to place its seal of approval on it. 

"Some myths are politically useful" Stanley writes. His piece is a demonstration of that truth. 

Germans, Stanley insists, through innuendo and anecdote, are constitutionally different from the rest of us. Scratch a German, discover a Nazi. 

This is racism and stereotyping. Germans are not different from the rest of us. Genocides have occurred in far flung nations, with genes and histories very different from Germany. Scratch a Cambodian, a Hutu, a Turk, and find a genocidal monster? The NYT would never publish such a piece. 

Stanley insists that citizens marched in Chemnitz because they are Nazis. This is nonsense. Citizens marched in Chemnitz because one of their fellows was stabbed to death by migrants, and migrants have contributed greatly to an increase in crime and social decay in Germany and other European nations practicing foolhardy, nearly open borders policies. 

Acknowledging the menace created by these policies would not serve Stanley's racism. So he doesn't acknowledge that menace. 

Shameful, twisted, bigoted, and false. 


  1. Excellent response to Jason Stanley’s absurd assertion. The professor would have readers believe that, as a German Jew, he possesses a unique insight to the German psyche. Some of us aren’t buying it.

    1. "The professor would have readers believe that, as a German Jew, he possesses a unique insight to the German psyche."

      I think it is more than that. From what I have seen, there is a popular opinion that Jews possess a unique insight into the psyche of non-Jews. That a Jews assessment of an ethnic group is more accurate than that of someone else.

      Chris Helinsky

    2. Chris close but not 100 % accurate. When Jews are writing about Polish Catholics, their words are esteemed. But when Jews write about Hamas, the same liberals who praised their words about Polish Catholics dismiss what they say.

      It's all part of a larger agenda.

    3. Another astute insight and truism. One can learn a heckuva lot on this forum. I just did.

  2. This agenda is driven by the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (The Pedagogy of Shame; really the Politics of Shame).

    Normally, the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU is used to extract some kind of concession from Poland by connecting her, no matter how creatively, with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

    This time, however, the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU, dusting off the spectre of Nazi Germany, is being used in an attempt to shame the Germans into silence about what Third World immigrants have done to their country.

    1. Then doesn't this show just how slippery and twisty the world of politics is? One day Germany is a part of the "civilised" West, the next it is a Nazi country. All depending on where the political wind is blowing.

      George Orwell described it beautifully in 1984.

      Have I given this warning before? But, just in case Professor Jan Gross is a reader of your blog Danusha (and he certainly ought to be), here is the danger of going too far out on the political limb and attacking even such an apparently safe target as us Poles/Polonians are. The politics can change so suddenly.

      And then where are you? Cut off by the incoming "Our gallant allies the Poles" tide.

      So, politically speaking, isn't it wise to leave an exit route. Er... when i said that you Poles/Polonians were more horrid than anyone else in time and space AND you shot Bambi's mother, I was expressing sincere gratitude for your help in culling our far too numerous deer population.

      I hope he will take that as a friendly warning. But how much better if he would listen to our Creator's warning. God asks us to be no part of the world and to treat everyone with the kindness and respect we would for want for ourselves. And He also teaches us to look for the good in everybody, to be positive.

      Its as clear and simple as that. So you don't have to make any calculations about who is currently "uber" and who is "unter"

      And God's standards don't change.

    2. Interesting comments, Sue. However, I have a hard time believing that this hard-on-Germany line is anything more than a temporary blip, for at least three reasons:

      1). Germany has too much wealth and geopolitical stature to be made into a pariah.

      2). Poles have been the designated pariah for very long. The Holocaust establishment has a good thing going, so, in the absence of effective Polish pushback, why change?

      3). Money talks, especially when it comes to so-called property restitution. For this reason alone, Poland must remain the pariah--at least until she caves and pays up.

    3. Hello Jan, no I am not really expecting a change in the Zeitgeist. i was just pointing out what a slippery thing the Zeitgeist is!

  3. "Germans, Stanley insists, through innuendo and anecdote, are constitutionally different from the rest of us. Scratch a German, discover a Nazi."

    Interestingly a German woman once told me that all these refugees are wonderful, they will "breed out the nazi genes". I was totally shocked. I mean, I am Polish and not even I hate Germans that much. Problem is: If you hate yourself you hate others by extention.

    "The NYT would never publish such a piece." They are not white plus Christian, so of course they would not publish that-it would constitute "racism".

    Let me say this, perhaps we should try to use it as a motto: ICH BIN EIN CHEMNITZER! (Im a Chemnitzer). It is true-we are all on the brink of being hunted down as "nazis" "bigots" and "haters". Because we dont want to kneel before the golden calf of PC and "liberal" ideology. We, even I, as an agnostic, are Christians who are disgusted by Western pagans sacrificing their children to the moloch of multiculturalism, PC, "liberal" ideology. Sorry, actually they are WORSE than pagans, because at least pagans in general care about their next of kin (as Paul said).

    Sorry for sounding full of pathos but Ive come to believe that this is a war between the forces of good (i.e accepting of humans as they are) and evil (i.e trying to force "liberal" ideology" on human beings. Not caring about how they are or what they truely need).


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