Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Warning from Europe. The Worst is Yet to Come. Anne Applebaum in the Atlantic about How Bad Poland Is Now.

Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic about how bad things are in Poland now. Here


  1. I would call Applebaum a liar but am not sure if she believes her own untruths and hyperbole. So it's possible that she is just insane.

  2. Another journalistic "democracy threatened in Poland" stack of rubbish, all motivated by the fear that Poles are finally developing a sense of national spirit, and that, with or without PiS, are not quite as easy to push around as before.

    Those truly concerned with threats to democracy should fight against the REAL threats to democracy: The censorship and thought control increasingly practiced by the likes of college campuses (speech codes), Facebook, Google, the SPLC (so-called Southern Poverty Law Center), and (as I personally experienced) Amazon.

  3. "It represents the end of the hateful notions of meritocracy and competition, principles that, by definition, never benefited the less successful."

    Reading the article it's clear that Anne Applebaum is a social Darwinists who believes that she and elites like her are better than everyone else and deserve to rule. And that the poor and people who are less successful in capitalist society should just go away. Very evil person.

    She believes in superior individuals and classes, but not in superior races. Except Afrikaners, who were evil losers that "weren't succeeding." Her line of thinking is much closer to old-school white supremacists and eugenicists than she knows.

  4. Hello Jan, Media and Academe are always telling us Poles/Polonians how awful we are. So no change there.

    But the way to safety does not lie in nationalism, for any of us. Doesn't Daniel 2:44 tell us plainly and clearly what is going to happen to all the kingdoms of the world?

  5. Anne Applebaum is a wife of Radoslaw S., an unfortunate politician. She is loyal to him, but it makes her disloyal to her readers. She should inform about her conflict of interest in any published text.

  6. The difference between Poland and Hungary is basic. In Poland media present the whole spectrum of opinions, in Hungary Orban dominates media. Poland was anti-Nazi, Hungary supported Nazis.
    Orban has been tolerated by the EU leaders, Kaczynski hasn't. Poland is anti-Russiaqn, Orban cooperates with Russia. Orban has destroied a lunapark and museum in Budapest, Kaczynski doesn't control Warsaw.

  7. 1) Hi there again, straight from the belly of the beast: Yes, the worst IS yet to come- but in Germany. Here is an interesting article about blatant manipulation of the Chemnitz incident (try using google translate on it, should work)

    in short: The murder of the young Cubano-German man (leaving behind 3 kids, a wife and many more grieving friends!) is called a "Tötungsdelikt" (homicide). The hunting down of foreigners-which did NOT HAPPEN BTW, is called "Hetzjagd" (hetzen means to hunt down. Hetzen gegen would mean agitating against s.o). Homicide is a "cold" term. To hunt down is a "hot", i.e emotionally laden term.

    Applebaum ( As a journalist and his American-born wife...yes, such a nice American name, isnt it) is a master manipulator. She uses words like "regime", "as the clandestine Jewish coordinator...ven a single Jewish person,"- Im reading both magazines-her being Jewish was NOT mentioned. She does it on purpose here to give the impression that it matters to Poles. It does not. What matters to us is what she is doing.This is like saying "I can not be racist because I am black". Go figure.

    "Were some of our friends always closet authoritarians?" My answer: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Poland, Hungary ect wanting to be themselves is nazism to these people.

    "On the contrary, they are educated,,," If you do not support our "liberal" agenda (f.e the destruction of the nationstate in favour of gay privileges PLUS mass migration by lgbtq hating Muslims) you are "uneducated" backwards and stupid.

    "Given the right conditions, any society can turn against democracy. "
    The communist states which were dictatorships also were brandishing the word "democracy". Hell, they even called their communist veterans "soldiers and fighters for freedom and democracy" (ZBOWID- Zolnierz i bojownik w walce of wolnosc i demokracje).

    Gosh this is long and a real helterskelter of other stuff....Ill try to skip to the next relevant point....sigh...

    "I liked the fact that the museum showed ordinary Hungarians collaborating with both regimes, which I thought might help Hungary understand its responsibility for its own politics, and avoid the narrow nationalist trap of blaming problems on outsiders."

    Im sure you do, my dear. I guess Hungary will have to pay in cash when the time will be ripe economically. About the rest-I am wondering: So, if minorities in Hungary do not assimilate and cause problems than it is the guilt of the majority? I would even agree- The majority should have never let in problematic minorities.

    The same thing is happening in Germany right now: Muslims do not assimilate? Germans should not blame it on the latter’s behaviours, its their fault. Guess they should have been more "accepting" of "outsider cultures". And of course give them more money to “integrate”.

    "On the contrary, 16 years after the Terror Háza’s opening, Hungary’s ruling party respects no restraints of any kind."

    Ms Applebaum, would it be OK with you if Poland and Hungary started interfering with Jewish, American, Israeli museums? Of course it would NOT. I wonder why that is so. According to postcolonialism studies people who can not voice their ideas are still under the boot of colonialism. Why are you advocating for colonialism, Ms Applebaum???
    „It pumps out propaganda blaming Hungary’s problems on nonexistent Muslim migrants, the European Union, and, as noted, George Soros. “
    Not true. The Hungarian government is saying that they do not want the problems connected with mass migration of foreigners and especially Muslims. Ms Applebaum is misrepresenting facts here (=probably lieing on purpose).

  8. 2) “Schmidt is a prime beneficiary of Hungary’s supposedly tainted transition”
    Yep, and if s.o says against Georg Soros he is often labelled an “anti-Semite”. Ad personam, weak.
    ““talk down from above to those below like it used to be with colonies.” Western talk of Hungarian anti-Semitism, corruption, and authoritarianism is “colonialism.””
    AMEN. Even if such things exist-they do in every country: We are SINGLED out by people from countries in which Jews are THROWN OUT of the window of their house (France). Were people are AFRAID to talk about what they truely think. Were children are encouraged to SPY on their own parents (both Germany). We are treated like black people in the Belgian Congo. We are lectured even by 100% ignorant Germans who think we still live in mud huts. I attest to this myself.

    “He asked me to describe the new Polish leaders: What were they like, as people? I gave him some adjectives—angry, vengeful, resentful. “They sound just like Chavistas,” he told me.”
    Soooo if you realize that your country has been sold down the drain (nearly 90% of the newspaper market is in German hands), that billions were stolen or defrauded, if you realize that many young professionals left the country in search of a better life (along with their educational costs paid for by the whole society), if you realize that your country is only good enough to become “Lebensraum im Osten” for unwanted problematic migrants the West does not want ect- how are you allowed to feel? Well, what a stupid question: You should feel happy, composed and grateful! Anything else would be bigoted in Ms. Apfelbaums eyes.

    Dear Danusha, I know you are not a Trump supporter and I, as a Pole, don’t think I can have a strong opinion on Trump. But, let me say this: He was elected for the same reasons people elected PiS, Orban and the likes. People are FED UP to be made to pay for “liberal” (=leftwing) utopian ideas conjured up by mostly affluent folks. They are fed up to be treated like idiots who are “hateful” and “bigoted” because they do not want to pay for s.o elses dreams. People are fed up to be put down for being themselves, for loving their country, their culture, for not being oikophobic.

    I have come to strongly dislike people like Ms. Applebaum and her ilk. In her case I would also like to know what her position on Isreal becoming more truly divers (no, black Jews are still Jews! I mean more black Muslims, Hindus, Animists). Unfortunately I have met a lot of Jews who seem to adore multiculturalism but think that “Israel is different”. (=blatant hypocrisy).
    Also, would she and her ilk (rich liberals) put their money where their mouths are and forgo living in a nice gated community? Would she and her ilk go shopping in a suburb and stand in a long line of "diverse" people with their "peculiar cultural oddities"? (Done that, its hell). Of course not- let the "bigoted" stuck-in-the-muds put up with the outcome of their "humanitarian" ideas they are pushing down our collective throat.

    I am fed up myself-But, Ms. Applebaum, thank you for telling me that voting for PiS will make you cry. I am but a small miner in the liberal salt mine, but trust me, i will do what is right.

  9. Here is a possible corrective.

    Chris Helinsky

  10. Unfortunately, she is right. It always pays to read carefully what Anne has written, as few Anglophones know Poland as well as she does.

    1. Dear Anglophones, please read me rather than Anna and Piotr. Poles are divided into two big tribes - PiS and anti-PiS. Anna and Piotr aren't neutral journalists, they belong to the anti-PiS tribe. Neutral people are called sometimes "symmetrists" and are attacked by both tribes. Recently a "Polityka" journalist has been sacked as not enough anti-PiS. Another anti-PiS weekly is the "Newsweek". "W Sieci" is probably the most pro-PiS weekly.

  11. I have a recommendation for you Prof. Goska. If you are on twitter, follow someone by the name Andrzej Kozlowski, twitter handle akoz33. He is a professor of mathematics at the University of Warsaw. He always has something interesting to say. I have found his take on this Applebaum article to be very good.

    Chris Helinsky

    1. i'm not on twitter and I hope never to be on twitter. Please cut and paste whatever he said that you liked and post it here. Or invite him to come here and post it himself.


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