Friday, August 31, 2018

Saudi Arabia: Allow Poland to Build a Cathedral, Says Dominik Tarczynski

Dominik Tarczynski says Poland should not allow Saudi Arabia to use petrodollars to build a mosque in Warsaw until KSA allows Poland to build an cathedral in KSA. Story here.


  1. Excellent!

    Here we have Dominik Tarczynski standing up for Poland instead of just bowing before others' demands. Bravo! We need many, many more Polish leaders like him.

    Tarczynski said that there should be equal rights for all, and not special rights for some. So Moslems should not be allowed to build a mosque in Poland until Christians are allowed to build a cathedral in Saudi Arabia.

    Tarczynski's clear-headed thinking should be extended from Moslem-Christian relations to Jewish-Polish relations. Thus, there needs to be Genocide Recognition Equality as well as Atrocity Recognition Equality.

    As an example of the latter: Since there is a monument to the Jewish victims of the Kielce Pogrom, then there must also be a monument to the Polish victims of leading Jewish Communists.

    If I had government power in Poland, I would insist on it.

  2. "then there must also be a monument to the Polish victims of leading Jewish Communists. "

    Much could be said in response to this.

    Here's one thing that can be said. Jan, your reviews were recently scrubbed from Amazon. Polonia should be supporting you, but I haven't seen any support.

    One reason people may not be supporting you, (and I can't know because I'm not a mind reader) is that you make comments like this, which are the kind of comments that antisemites make.

    And no I'm not interested in a back and forth. You made that inflammatory comment, I responded, and we've both had our say.

  3. "Since there is a monument to the Jewish victims of the Kielce Pogrom, then there must also be a monument to the Polish victims of leading Jewish Communists."

    This is a really stupid and bigoted idea. In any case, there are enough monuments in the world. Another monument is unnecessary.

    Chris Helinsky

    1. Very well. So the monuments to the Jewish victims of Kielce and Jedwabne are then "stupid and bigoted", and must come down.

      No double standards. Equality for all.

    2. Jan there are monuments to victims of Communism. There is no reason to single out victims who were harmed by Communists of Jewish descent any more than there is to single out victims harmed by Communists of Catholic descent.

    3. Singled out...that's just it.

      Poles who are victims of other Poles are not singled out.

      Jews who are victims of other Jews are not singled out.

      Poles who are victims of Jews are not singled out.

      Jews who are victims of Poles are definitely singled out.

      That is why I insist on Atrocity Recognition Equality.

    4. 1. The thing is: Jewish organizations seem very strongly to DEMAND that Poland apologizes for Kielce as a nation! Ive read an interview with the,hmm, lets call him "illustrious" Mr Jonnathan Daniels (WSieci Nr. 9 of 2018) who said verbatim (on page 25) that: "I know thatit is not easy. For example if you, as an answer to criticism to the new IPN law, promote people like Jan Karski or Irena Sendlerowa, than you do not not really help your case. This is taken as propaganda. The truth is that the international community does only want to hear one thing from Poland: Yes, there were bad people among us."
      On page 24 you can see his boldly smiling face. Quite fitting
      On page 26 he suggests to just stop talking about the past and start concentrating on the future. The guy also blocked me on twitter for asking him politely if he will learn the Polish language some day. As he was given Polish citizenship.

      Here are my thoughts on this-and I am making a clear connection to what is happening in Chemnitz,so plz bear with me.

      First of all, this is about money. A lot of money certain Jewish organizations think they are entitled to. In order to blackmail Poland for it they have to make us apologize for being "co-authors" of the Holocaust.

      Second, we can NOT ALLOW THIS TO BE DONE TO US. Sorry for capslock, but there is even worse than being robbed out of a lot of money. In Germany, I have observed that lots of German patriots (Ive checked what they are saying and doing. I testify that they are neither racists nor antisemites.) are wondering why Jewish organizations are NOT on their side. Even worse, they are defaming Pegida or the Afd as...."antisemites". Even though Ive seen Israeli flags on Pegida protests! Even though the Afd is openly supporting Israel! Jewish organisations in Germany are instrumentalizing thus the Holocaust to blackwash people who are against "multi"culturalism (=against massmigrations from Muslim and African countries). Why? Well-as I have read it in the Jerusalem Post once- Jews are pretty pro multiculturalism. It is true-if your are a minority, better to have many more minorites around you. It weakens the majority and makes life easier if you have a particular lifestyle. I am from a minority myself so I can even feel this to be true.

      But lets get back to why this situation is horrible: Germans are GUILTTRIPPED into accepting migration that will destroy their society. The Holocaust is instrumentalized for this goal by oikophobic leftists. I have heard it from Germans myself: "We have to...our past...". Jewish elites (leaders of Jewish organizations) second them with allowing the Holocaust to be abused. They do not care about the normal Jews that are terrorized on German streets. In my eyes, they are behaving like the infamous Judenräte (like Hannah Arendt saw it). I think that they think like this: Every beaten up Jews is a "proof" that we are persecuted by the whole world. Psychologically its like hazing: It is so hard to get in and to stay in, so members stay because they have already paid so much to be a member anyway. Its the sunken cost fallacy. Oh, and if SHTF one can always flee the horrible cesspool to another country. To bad for the people who are left with a destroyed country but hey, werent they "antisemites" anyway? German patriots are flabbergasted why Jewish organizations are not helping them fight Muslim antisemitism. I am not.

    5. 2.In short: If we Poles allow to be painted as monsters, if we start believing that our past was terrible, if we start accepting the thought that we are brutish and worthless- how on earth will we be able to tell REAL misogynists, antisemites, racists, islamists and the likes that Poland is for Polish people only (meaning everyone who assimilates regardless of genetic/ethnic heritage)? If you do not respect yourself no one will respect you.

      The behaviour of recent migrants to Germany or Sweden is a living proof: They DESPISE our culture, openly. They leer at women as if they were whores. Although, even whores are treated with more respect by the common European man. But, who are the Germans to tell them to stop?
      Who would Poles be to tell Ahmed from Somalia to assimilate? Why would Ahmed from Somalia want to assimilate into a culture of worthless Polacks?

      Sorry, this was long. I just wanted to tell why this whole thing is about more than just money- it about our future as a nation.Its also about the future of Judaism in Europe. Europeans are not antisemites in general.This does not hold true for Muslim migrants.

    6. Excellent points, Hanna.

      You thus quoted Jonny Daniels, sometimes thought of as a friend of Poland,

      "For example if you, as an answer to criticism to the new IPN law, promote people like Jan Karski or Irena Sendlerowa, than you do not not really help your case. This is taken as propaganda. The truth is that the international community does only want to hear one thing from Poland: Yes, there were bad people among us."

      Exactly right. It is about shaming Poland into performing some kind of concession. Poles are bad [and, no, not just a few people], and now must atone for their badness. It is the classic PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU in action. It does not matter what you say about the positive aspects of Polish-Jewish relations. It falls on deaf ears.

      For more on the PEDAGOGIKA WSTYDU (Politics of Shame) as a powerful political tool, see:

    7. This is one of the reasons why I became active in Polish Media Issues. I want to make it clear - politely - that i am not - very much not - going to make the Stalinist-style denunciation of my father and all his generation that "the world" apparently requires.

      Of course, as I have to keep stating, us Poles/Polonians are the damaged children of disobedient Adam, the same as anybody else, and Poland is one of "the kingdoms of the world" the same as any other.

      But I am not making the political denunciation that is required.

      God's command that we should honour our parents is immensely helpful. It is such a course of comfort and strength. But then Jehovah is truly called the God of all comfort.

    8. Recently Mr Tarczyński spoke out about the case of Jan Sobieski's monument in Vienna.
      The statue of Polish king will not be placed on Kahlenberg Hill, because it might offend muslim Turks who live in Vienna.
      Link below.

    9. Yep.

      Muslims and Jews are important: Poles are not.

      Once against I admire Tarczynski's courage in speaking out in defense of Poland.

    10. Jews aren't important either. They are several rugs higher then Poles on the "victim ladder". That's all. But when there is a conflict between Jews and muslims - nobody cares about the Jews.
      If Jewish well-being is colliding with leftist ideology, there is no sympathy for the Jews.

      And I'm not just talking about what happens in Israel and Palestine.
      I'm also talking about what is going on in Western Europe.

    11. I see your points.

      As for the "victim ladder", it is entirely possible that the genocides of Islamic and Third World peoples are higher on the "victim ladder" than any of the genocides of Slavic peoples.

      However, I have yet to identify any Islamic or Third World genocide that is even beginning to effectively push back against Holocaust supremacism.

  4. I am going to buy another copy of your book and send it to someone. Is there somebody you would like me to send it to?

    Chris Helinsky

    1. Chris that's so great! Thank you very much! I suggest you send it to whomever you think can most benefit from it.

  5. Jan Peczkis your phrase "Holocaust supremacism" strikes me as anti Semtiic and it nauseates me.

    No back and forth. You made your comment, and I responded.


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