Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Polish Journalist: There Is No Bieganski Stereotype, And No, I Have Not Read Your Book

I received an email yesterday from a  young man asking for an interview. He identified himself as a journalist working for a Polish news magazine. 

He said he wanted answers by today. 

Huh? He asked me a series of questions yesterday and wants answers by today? Usually journalists give me more time. 

I wanted to accommodate him so I rushed to type up some answers this morning before breakfast. 

He asked quite a few questions. When I looked at them, I realized they were all the same. 

His questions, paraphrased: "You are wrong. There is no stereotype of Poles. I know this is true because I talked to Polish people living in Silicon Valley, Manhattan, and Chicago. All are successful and none have experienced any stereotyping." 

His questions are hopelessly naive. 

I wrote back, "Oprah Winfrey, Drake, and Barack Obama are some of the most successful Americans. Does this prove that there is no stereotyping of blacks? Steve Mnuchin, Chuck Schumer, and Jon Stewart are all Jews. Does this prove that there is no stereotyping of Jews?" 

He wrote back, "It was written 8 years ago. World changed [sic]." 

He acknowledged that he had never read Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype, and yet he was certain, based on his conversations with Poles in Silicon Valley, Manhattan, and Chicago, that there are no stereotypes of Poles in the world today. 

So, Poles and Polonians, fold your tents and move on. No one is stereotyping you. 


Update. I just received another email from the self-described journalist. He said that he posted "many announcements" on Facebook groups for Poles living in the US and none of them said anything negative about living in America. Thus, Bieganski is false. 

Note. This journalist took the time to communicate on Facebook, but he devoted less than a day to contacting the author of the only scholarly book dedicated to stereotypes of Poles, and he did that only to tell that author that she is wrong. And to inform her that he hadn't read the book, because "World changed" [sic.]

Mind. This blog is several years old. It is constantly updated with new material from me, from Polish Media Issues, and from blog readers.

The problem is not that the book was published in 2011. No serious journalist would dismiss a book about stereotyping because it was published in 2011. No serious journalist would dismiss a book without reading it, and insist that he doesn't have to read it because it was published in 2011. And no serious journalist would be unaware that the book's contents are constantly reaffirmed by ongoing events.

Denying a stereotype is an act of hate or ignorance combined with arrogance. Who would deny that Jews are stereotyped? Only an anti-Semite, or someone who simply isn't very bright.


  1. Dear Danusha, I live in Germany and about: "All are successful and none have experienced any stereotyping."

    I think: Might be true. Just dont tell anyone you are Polish and, VERY important, do not look at stuff posted on social media or even engage in it. Let me give you examples from my own life where I did exactely that:

    1. Told a stupid (German) secretary that Im Polish. Somehow, in a bizarr twist of psychosis? she bursted out with: "Poles can shut up, they have helped the Nazis with murdering Jews." Kinda ruined my day, to be honest.She also told me that refugees are awesome because "the nazi genes will be bread out". Yap, seriously.Same radicalism as back than, with a different sign in front of it.

    2. Posted an article about how German TV doesnt want to apologize to a Polish holocaust survivor (Karol Tendera). Been given a roasting along the lines of: 1. What do Poles want now?! 2. "And rightfully so, because Germany is a nation of law."

    3.Went to a gay bar. Was treated like crap for being Polish.

    4. A bisex. I have presumed gay told me that in Poland some gays were eaten by wild dogs unleashed on them in some Polish village. I asked him for evidence. He told me that non is needed, as Poles are "homophobes".

    5. Posted a meme about how Poland, Hungary, Slovakia ect has safe christmas markets. Some "liberal" told me that Poles should get deported asap.

    6. Verbally insulted for being Polish in a synagogue (actually 2x).

    I still openly identify as genderqueer, nonfluid...just joking, as Polish. Haters gonna hate. And it helps me wed out people who will be a massive waste of life.

    About the guy: Ask him if he thinks Polish people are backwords, not open to the world or whatever. My guess is that he will answer "yes" to this question.

    1. Hello Hanna,

      Germany is doomed. Kaput. Verloren.
      I can't even force myself to pity that nation. They are so pathetic.

      Why are you still in Germany anyway?
      You should be in Poland. Observe the fall of Merkel-Reich from safe distance.

  2. Hello Dr Goska,

    This journalist is a lemming. He wasn't affected by the Bieganski stereotype, so that stereotype doesn't exist. His acquaintances weren't affected either, and that reinforces his conviction.
    As long as he doesn't experience it first hand, he won't believe in it.

    But don't worry.
    He might not believe in storm but the lightning will still find him.

    1. Lukasz I appreciate your sharing your thoughts, but I think it's got to be more than, "This never affected me so I don't believe it." I mean, I don't believe in unicorns, but I can't imagine going out of my way to find someone who has written a book about unicorns, contacting that person, and rudely telling them that their book is worthless.

      There's more going on there. It's not just that he doesn't believe, it's that he's hostile.

    2. I agree with you, Dr. Goska. I suspect that the journalist is a LEWAK. The LEWACTWO likes to deny or minimize the wrongs that Poles face so that Poles are hopefully more easily manipulated by the tenets of cultural Marxism.

    3. Of course he's hostile.

      Imagine that You have a beautiful dream and someone is waking You up. Wouldn't You be rude to such person?

      Lemmings live in some Matrix. For them ignorance is a blessing. And Your book is a blue pill.

    4. I have never seen The Matrix.


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