Saturday, February 3, 2018

Polish-Jewish Relations: A Case Study in What Can Go Wrong. David Harris

David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee, in The Times of Israel, bemoans idiotic and self-destructive new Polish law that criminalizes speech about the Holocaust here.


  1. The new law goes against Jewish interests. So what would we expect Harris to say?

    Again, everything said against this law can be turned around, and validly pinned on the long-existing laws that criminalize the denial of 6 million murdered Jews (Holocaust denial).

    So Jewish criticisms of this law seem, to me, like a lot of self-serving hypocrisy.

  2. Jan Peczkis I'm really sick of reading your anti Jewish posts.

    I post them because I believe in freedom of speech but reading them makes me sick.

  3. OK. Let's focus exclusively on the implications of the law.

    Polish Law Backfires? Then Long-Existing Laws Criminalizing the Questioning of 6 Million Jewish Deaths-Also Backfire! Thus:

    Which law are we talking about when we say that,

    1. It infringes on free speech.

    2. It is arbitrary and unenforceable. [If a yokel was overheard on the bus making the wisecrack, "The 6 million is a myth", could he or she be prosecuted?]

    3. It gives much more publicity to the objectionable speech than such speech could ever get otherwise.

    4. The law is a solution looking for a problem.

    5. Truth does not need to be protected by laws.

    6. The best disinfectant for objectionable speech is sunshine.

    7. It makes a free-speech martyr and hero out of anyone actually criminalized.

    8. In the long run, it makes any nation having such laws look foolish.


    [See Michael Bazyler (Property-Restitution Attorney): Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law]


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