Monday, October 19, 2015

Polonia, Do You Need Any Further Proof that You Wield No Cultural Clout?

The other day the Huffington Post ran an article with an utterly racist and derogatory headline insulting and misrepresenting all Poles and Poland. 

The Huffington Post would never run a similar headline insulting almost any other country. Not Burma. Not Uruguay. Not Mauritania. 

Being called "racist" or any of its synonyms -- including "xenophobic" -- is the worst insult one can fling in these politically correct days. 

The Huffington Post called all Poles and Poland "xenophobic." 

And Polonia does nothing. And Polonia has been doing nothing for decades now. 

I've been saying the exact same thing on this blog for years. And in my other published writing. 

Polonia, you have an image problem. There's an award-winning book that addresses that image problem. It's called "Bieganski." But it here. Read it. Share it. Assign it to students. Do something about it. Don't know what to do? There are suggestions here

Huffington Post's astoundingly offensive anti-Polish article is headlined "As Cold War II Looms, Washington Courts Nationalist, Rightwing, Catholic, Xenophobic Poland."  here


  1. I have read the article.

    I dunno. I kind of think that this kind of a hatchet job on Poland, done by a left-wing writer (Nicholas Kozloff), writing in a left-wing publication (HUFFINGTON POST) is--in a way--a compliment.

  2. It's not the first time something like this has happened. Huffington Post not so long ago published an article titled "Locals Living Near Former Nazi Death Camps Forget Anniversary Of Holocaust". Later they changed the title.

    1. Thanks, Lukasz. I have read the link you provided.

      It's the same, standard narrative--about Jews as victims, Poles as anti-Semites, and "good" Poles being those who agree with the Jewish version of past events.

    2. Token Pole Syndrome

      "We have a writer from Gazeta on our side, we can say these things!"

  3. I finished writing. Do you want to read it?

    Chris Helinsky

    1. Sorry but i do not know where to send it to

      Chris Helinsky

    2. Hi, you can find my email address on my Amazon page:


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