Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Opinion Poll: Austrians Think Nazis Could Win in 2013


"A poll published this weekend by 'Der Standard' newspaper found that 42 percent of respondents said that 'not everything was bad under Adolf Hitler,' while 54 percent of the 502 respondents said a Nazi party would have some success in democratic elections today, and 61 percent supported the concept of a 'strong man' as leader."

From: Austria marks annexation by Germany 75 years ago
By George Jahn, Associated Press
March 11, 2013
Full text here

Original source:

Umfrage: 42 Prozent sagen "Unter Hitler war nicht alles schlecht“
Conrad Seidl, 8. März 2013, 18:24
Der Standard, here

Also see Huffington Post, here


  1. This blogspot needs to be put in perspective. Many Nazis during WWII were Austrians, and not only prominent ones such as Hitler and Kaltenbrunner.

    In fact, Austrians comprised less than 10% of the combined German-Austrian population after the Anschluss, yet accounted for 50% of the Nazi killers. To verify this fact, please click on my name in this specific posting.

  2. Actually this blog post makes me think immediately of Danielle, one of the informants for Bieganski. If you read her transcript in the book, you know exactly what I mean.


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