Tuesday, February 26, 2013

May Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind Dress as an African American Basketball Player on Purim?

Dov Hikind is an Orthodox Jew, a child of two Holocaust survivors, and a Brooklyn Assemblyman. At a recent Purim party, he dressed up as an African American basketball player. Purim is a holiday devoted to fun. Hikind's costume is in keeping with that tradition. 

New Yorkers are now debating whether or not Hikind's costume was a racist act.

I'm saddened by this conversation. From what I've seen from the photos on the web, the costume does not seem malicious in any way. Further, I am Catholic, and I have repeatedly seen people dress up as Catholics, often in costumes designed to offend ... and I don't make a federal case out of it. 

Curious as to what blog readers think. 

Dov Hikind
Photo of Dov Hikind in Purim costume
Photo from The Gawker, critical of Hikind. Source
Just one of the tamer examples of people dressing up as Catholics for comedic purposes. Father Guido Sarducci, Don Novello, Saturday Night Live's most frequent comic character. 


  1. For me, I do not like to see Poles insulted, and I do not insult other groups. I dislike to even hear derogatory jokes about any identifiable group.

  2. I don't see how Dov Hikind offended anyone. IIUC, this was a Purim party in his own home. He probably just threw a last minute costume together.

    Honestly ... I don't see how anyone can claim injury here. I don't think he should be driven out of his job.


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