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Guest Blog Post by Gary L. Krupp of Pave the Way Foundation

Meredith and Gary L. Krupp. Source

Bieganski the Blog is honored to host a guest blog post by Gary L Krupp. Mr. Krupp is head of the Pave the Way Foundation.

Mr. Krupp's biography, from the Pave the Way Foundation website, is below:

"Gary Krupp is the only Jewish man in history to be knighted, by Pope John Paul II, raised in rank by Pope Benedict XVI to the Order of St.Gregory, and invested by permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as an Officer Brother in the Anglican Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Being a trusted member of the Papal household has enabled him to act as a catalyst in initiating changes and eliminating many obstacles to the furtherance of Judeo-Christian relations."

Here is a portion of the statement of purpose of the Pave the Way Foundation, from their website:

"Pave the Way Foundation is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to achieving peace by closing the gap in tolerance, education and the practical relations between religions, through cultural, technological and intellectual exchanges. We strive to eliminate the use of religion as a tool which, historically has been used, by some, to achieve personal agendas and to cause conflicts."

The Pave the Way Foundation website is here.

Gary L. Krupp's December 28, 2009 New York Post editorial, "Friend to the Jews: Pius XII's Real Wartime Record" is here.

A March 7, 2010 New York Times article about Gary L. Krupp, "Wartime Pope Has a Huge Fan: A Jewish Knight," by Paul Vitello is here.

The Media as a Tool for Evil
by Gary L. Krupp

Human history contains many horrific events that seem unimaginable. Brutality has been committed against innocents, totally devoid of any empathy or remorse. How can this happen, in a world of civilized societies?

When we observe historical acts of genocide, we find that, without exception, the perpetrators utilize the media to capitalize on our human weaknesses, driving hatred and bigotry. It is an unfortunate reality that the general public is totally blind to this while the ruling class is fully aware of the media's power to achieve an objective.

History is replete with examples of propaganda by the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and so on and so on. Utilizing this tool of disinformation, these regimes could demonize and fix false blame on certain groups, making them scapegoats for all of the ills of society and the focal point for national retribution. These false biased media reports have always been used to incite hatred and ultimately to encourage nonviolent citizens to commit violent acts. This practice has universally been the precursor to genocide.

Media manipulation is also the tool used to push a political or a social agenda. If an individual has unlimited resources he can literally buy an election or enact his cause. The continuous effectiveness of manipulating the weak minded where they always believe what the media feeds us, proves that Albert Einstein was right with his definition of Insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

We who live in the 21st century believe that our level of sophistication, advanced technology and communication, makes us immune to these negative forces, but we are wrong. We are no different than our cave-dwelling ancestors. If we are mindful that this ability to kill our own species is in our DNA, than we must at the very least, take action to try to expose the use of this deadly tool.

Biased, unsubstantiated television, print and Internet reports, and even artistic performances can be the fuel that drives the engine of hate. We must invent fresh, innovative methods to de-legalize and disprove biased media and their false reports at the very moment they are published. The general public needs some mechanism that will help them discern the truth, in the mountain of reporting we see every day if we are ever to become an enlightened international society.

In the world of "hurray for me and the heck with you" It appears that "thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" is taken more as a suggestion rather than a commandment.


  1. I have followed the links, and was impressed with the testimony of Gary L. Krupp. He adds to the voices, of both non-Jews and Jews, that reject the customary attacks on Pope Pius XII. He also realizes that these smears had originated with 1963-era Communist propaganda.

    It is unfortunate that what had recognizably been gutter Communist propaganda back then has since become more-or-less mainstream in academia and in many Holocaust-related circles. It speaks volumes about the anti-Christian orientation of much of academia and media.

    Those readers of this blog who are interested in the views of a liberal who refutes the attacks not only on Pius XII, but also other popes regarding Jews, should click on my name in this specific posting.

    1. Yes, I think all of us in Polonia have been forced to notice how mainstream the Stalinist vilification of Poles/Poland has become. And, hopefully, it can sensitise us to all the other areas in which we - the children of Adam - are being stirred up against each other.

      And, yes, what a part the media is playing in stirring people up, and also in teaching us to be entertained by more and more violence.

      The Christian preaching work is so important.

      For one thing, it cuts right through the smokescreen of evolution, evolution, evolution that attempts to hide the truth of Genesis from us. Genesis tells us that we are all one family, all the fatally flawed children of disobedient Adam, with an even closer common ancestor in faithful Noah.

      Therefore, as the poet (Christopher Logue) says:

      "O come all ye faithful, here is our cause
      All dreams are one dream, all wars civil wars."

      I love my siblings. I would never fight against them, or bomb their houses, or be persuaded to do so by people saying hateful things about them. What the Bible teaches me is that everyone on the earth is my brother and sister, and that therefore, I must act the same way towards them - even though I can't as yet feel it. I am after all a child of Adam, as they are. So its difficult.

      Jesus taught us to "lay down" our swords, and to good to all, even our enemies. If everyone was at least trying to do that, could there be any more wars and genocides, however much the media was pushing us?

      However, are most people going to listen? Sadly, no. But many are listening, and will.

      And can't we safely leave the rest to our Creator, the God of Abraham, and his Messiah, Jesus Christ? Jehovah has promised us that he will removed the wicked from the earth when the time comes:

      "For the upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it. As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it." - Proverbs 2:21,22

      As a footnote, its interesting how the teaching of The Rapture reverses that Bible teaching. But then doesn't the Bible warn us that "the whole world" lies in the one who is called "the father of the lie".

  2. Mr. Krupp,
    Thank you for the great article and all the good work. I loved the Post article. It really hits home with a lot of what I see in my research and writing.
    Thanks again and I hope you continue to share your work here.


  3. I was wondering what kind of misunderstandings or fall out you might have experienced with your work?

    It seems like being denounced comes with trying to change attitudes.

    I like to think that some of my best friends would be denounced at various times. Good people often are. It's easier to throw stones than change attitudes.


  4. Thank you Otto,

    I am not important enough to warrant much attention from the media.
    We see disinformation used on a daily basis. This is even most dangerous with the method in which the media deals with the Middle East. We recognize the ruling class of society use every tool they can to push their agenda. The media, along with "historians" conveniently come up with a baseless theories then figure out how they can manipulate facts to support it.They then use their academic credentials as a tool to sell their ideas.
    This is very dangerous and is completely unknown to the general population.


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