Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Polish Antisemites. Braun Copycats and Fans


Vice reports on Pro-Braun antisemitic merch being sold online. See here

Antisemites in Wroclaw vandalize a menorah and burn an Israeli flag. 


  1. Jan Peczkis you sent in a comment hailing Grzegorz Braun's attack on a menorah as

    "consciousness raising about the magnitude of Jewish privilege and power."

    This rhetoric and this worldview is antisemitic and I'm not going to post it.

    I post a snippet so that you and others can get an idea of what antisemitism looks like and why I don't want anything justifying it in the comments section of this blog.

    There's enough antisemitism out there. We don't need more.

    Please rethink your approach.

  2. And I have to add. "Jewish privilege and power."


    Jews are attacked and insulted on the world stage by a demented, hate-filled fool -- who happens to be an elected official in the country where the Holocaust largely took place -- and you assess that as proof of Jewish privilege and power?

    That is not rational.

    Please think some more. Engage in dialogue with others who disagree with you. I know you encounter many who disagree with you. Hear them out. And reform. It's what God wants you to do. Hate is not a Christian value.

  3. I also don't want to post "whataboutism" posts whose only goal is to distract attention.

    What about this or that bad thing some Jewish person or people did at some point.

    You know whataboutism was a propaganda technique used by the communists in Poland. I remember it from Polish media when I lived there under Communism. I don't want to give that space on the blog.

    It's propaganda, not integral thought about pertinent matters.


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