Saturday, May 27, 2023

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Nazi Costume and Anne Frank Exploitation. Anti-Semitism Much?

 See New York Times coverage here

and Algemeiner coverage here


  1. I read in the New York Times that Frankfurt was trying to stop Roger Waters from performing in its city.

    Now - which one?

    au-Main or au-Oder?

    That German Basic Law!


    1. Appreciate the clarification.

      I know that both Main and Oder are rivers.

      And as for how to conjugate/decline Main from English to German and the other way around.

      Would follow the river/flowing water rule.

      Time to dip myself in again!

      So AM rather than AU or even AN; and then the whole die/der/das.

      [and AU is probably language interference. Happens to the best of us...]

      Adelaide Dupont

  2. And then I saw a tweet replying to the words of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    It was Martin Mart - and he said:

    "In Poland [Waters] would be persona non grata - and rightly so"

    [or perhaps more generally the point of Holocaust deniers].


    I think too of Abraham Cooper's words on the Simon Wiesenthal website.

    what an awful thing to happen in Shavuot.

    Mostly the first sentence - about the Mercedes-Benz concert hall? stadium?

    The part about Holocaust distortion and Waters being prosecuted for it.

    Also I noticed that Waters had been in the Wiesenthal list of antisemitic events in 2013 and 2018.

    Maybe like clockwork it will happen again in 2023.

    One likes to think one has learnt - or is still learning - something in five years.

    Not devolving and getting worse!

    Adelaide Dupont

  3. An article from Nell Geraets

    [Australian culture writer who has been in Switzerland as a teenager - and indeed much of Europe]

    Adelaide Dupont


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