Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Bieganski at YIVO the Institute for Jewish Research

 YIVO is running a course teaching students how to hate Polaks. It appears that the teacher is herself Polish. 

Let's rewrite YIVO's course announcement and see how it plays. 



  1. The reversal above demonstrates it perfectly. And no, no-one will complain. I guess it would be career ending to do so.

  2. The YIVO comment shows how certain Jewish groups want to control the narrative, especially about the Holocaust, and are getting close to desperate that they are slowly but surely losing control of the narrative.

  3. Why is no one complaining? I am not familiar with YIVO.org, but it seems that unless we complain to the source, we cannot expect anything to change. (I will try to contact them myself right now.)

    1. Because Polonia is disorganized and indifferent?

    2. I just sent an email to the YIVO CEO . Let's see if he responds. I hope others will write as well.

  4. Janicka at YIVO 2020 "antisemitism remains a non-negligible community building force (in Poland) and one of the most powerful political tools behind the collapse of liberal democratic institutions." The only party which does not distance itself from antisemitism is Konfederacja (about 5%). Konfederacja is now rather anti-Ukrainian than antisemitic.Some of its leader are serious, Grzegorz Braun and JKM are clowns. In Poland a much better way to earn money is fighting alleged fascism. One is able to become a PhD or Professor, one obtains grants, visits NYC like Janicka. Who would invite a Polish nationalist?

  5. A book by Janicka https://www.academicstudiespress.com/cherry-orchard-books/9781644698396 Helena Datner "how an antisemitic authoritarianism is possible today in the former land of Eastern European Jewry." Janicka studies "violence and exclusion embedded in Polish dominant culture". Does anyone know a completely non-violent and inclusive cuture? https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32929855 Isn't it Utopia? USA society is more violent than European ones. Janicka preaches in NYC https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/26/nyregion/antisemitic-attacks-new-york.html


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