Friday, December 2, 2022

"I like Hitler ... Nazis are, like, kinda cool” Kanye West to Alex Jones


West wore a bizarre costume to the Alex Jones show. 

Kanye West is an African American rap star. He was formerly married to celebrity Kim Kardashian. Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist who claims that school shootings are "false flags" and that child victims are merely "crisis actors." Jones also sells various snake oil products. 

West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which causes grandiosity and paranoia. 

West recently had dinner with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Largo, the former president's club and residence. West brought along Nick Fuentes, a neo-Nazi. 

On Thursday, December 1, Kanye West appeared on Alex Jones' program. West voiced his support for Hitler and Nazis. This event has been covered extensively in the press. One account is here

For more on black anti-Semitism, see here and here


  1. USHMM censors Żegota No Zofia Kossak. "Polin" about Kossak

    1. Jerzy:

      Polin - Polish Institute of National Remembrance, right?

      [it is a different Museum of Memory].

      Zofia Kossak's exclusion is a massive oversight.


      I believe Alex Jones has been demanded to pay some $3 to $5 million for damages to the Sandy Hook families and other people who he has hurt by his lies.

      [fact checking; fact checking...].

      Yes, I remember the Fuente-Trump-West dinner.

      And you can have grandiosity and paranoia independent of bipolar disorder.

      Some of those features are more characteristic of psychosis [broadly defined].

      And, yes, at least the grandiosity is part of mania or hypomania.

      Also there is an element of West knowing and playing to the audience. He is a performer after all; so is Jones.

      [and Jones and his responsibilities as a publisher are really important here. Like Meta and Alphabet and the rest of the Frightful Five - Apple is trying to keep this type of podcast away from the public.

      But like the Hydra the opportunities and the outlets grow].

      When it comes to the snake oil part of the Infowars ecosystem - there are other right-wing podcasters who do the same thing; for example Joe Rogan who sells supplements and other sports alternative and complementary medicine.

      It is another way to buy loyalty and lessen resistance.

      Adelaide Dupont

    2. Polin is a Jewish institution, involved in several political actions. The government of Poland has removed the former president of Polin, but its line remains radical. The IPN, Institute of National Memory, is a different institution, demonized by media. The IPN has a number of legal duties, like verification of Communist police connections. The IPN publishes plenty of texts about regional history. Polish academy studies mostly history of Warsaw, Krakow, concentration camps, Warthegau, but ignores towns and villages.

  2. "The Towns of Death: Pogroms Against Their Neighbors" by Tryczyk has been published in English. I have tried to read the original Polish version, but the book contains hundreds of pages of original, unedited, documents without names of accused people. Tryczyk's family participated in some crimes so he wants in some way to redempt. I prefer cold academic research rather than emotional accusations. John T Pawlikowski prizes the book, I can see only a short summary, rather controversial. Pawlikowski prizes 'detailed' 'Neighbors' by Gros, but the book is rather an ethical essay that detailed research. "The Jewish community has at times viewed Poland as the most antisemitic country in Europe." writes Pawlikowski. But there was no country Poland till 1918 and 1939-1945 and Poland was controlled by Soviet Russia till about 1990. Which 'times' ? Were the Jews naive to live in antisemitic Poland? Were they accepted by rich developed countries?

  3. One more text ignoring Polish traumas of German, Soviet and Ukrainian nationalists crimes. Only the Holocaust truma were important. My family has lost many members, my father worked in Siberia, my aunt was imprisoned by Germans, one person died during Allied bombing of Wuppertal. Our farm staied in Belarus.

  4. From the Net: "It will be difficult for the kremlin to take an official position on whether the fact that Kanye West declared himself a supporter of both Hitler and Putin is russophobia or russophilia."

  5. Krakow Khasidic happening will not be continued, one of the artists has died.

  6. Populist in form, nationalist in content? Law and Justice, nationalism and memory politics, European Politics and Society ( is a result of research financed by the Narodowe Centrum Nauki, which means the Law and Justice government. The populisttic antionalistic government finances its biased critics, strange. The government is in reality terribly inefficient in promoting Polish culture. The FINA Conference was a rare exception, but I would expect some English language texts available in the net.

  7. Academic journal in 1999: "Polish state antisemitism as a major factor leading to the Holocaust" by David Cymet. "During the occupation of Poland the Germans carried out what the Poles wanted and dreamed about." It was not peer-reviewed in 1999.

  8. From a thesis by Joanna Dobrowolska: Works like David Cymet, “Polish State Antisemitism as a Major Factor Leading to the Holocaust,”
    Journal of Genocide 1, no. 2 (1999): 169-212 and Leo Cooper, In the Shadow of the Polish Eagle (New
    York: Palgrave, 2000) imply that Poland was moving in the same direction as Nazi Germany in terms of
    legally promoting eliminationalist antisemitic policies. Yet Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Żydzi i Polacy 1918-
    1955 (Warsaw: Fronda, 2000) and Norman Davies, Heart of Europe maintain that Polish interwar politics
    would never have become as destructive and oppressive as they did in Nazi Germany.

  9. Rabbi Stephen Wise told senator Elbert D. Thomas that “the plight of Polish Jewry [was] unparalleled in its misery and exceed[ed] by far the tragedy of the Jews of Nazi Germany.” From "Senator Elbert D. Thomas and the Fate of European Jewry"
    WR Palmer - Utah Historical Quarterly, 2021

  10. Erica Lehrer quotes Chris Burdick. The Israeli host embraces a German guest in Tel Aviv with kisses and hugs. But he stares coldly and suspiciously at a Pole.

    1. Which perhaps demonstrates how cunningly and effectively the history of World War 2 has been turned on its head. It continues to make me wonder how much of anything "the world" tells us we can safely believe.

  11. M.-D. Asselin, "In Poland, during the German occupation (1939-1945), the Polish courts were one of the few institutions left in the hands of the Poles. " It was not any 'Poland' but German genocidal 'General Gouvernment', the head of which was hanged after the war. The courts were under German control. Vichy France was at that time French and its courts were French. Any analogy would be false.

  12. Cooper L., Under the shadow of the Polish eagle.the Holocaust was carried out “by the Nazis in Poland with the active assistance of their Polish collaborators. ”

    1. Yup - history turned on its head - within living memory of the events at that.

  13. Stop Antisemitism, Leading non-partisan American based organization fighting antisemitism. "Every 9 out of 10 Polish Jews were gassed, starved and killed in Poland during the Holocaust. Now they’re refusing to give back Jewish property they stole while massacring us."
    "1941 Auschwitz, Poland, 2021, Warsaw, Poland"

  14. Montana Tucker visited Poland in 2021.

  15. “Poland is a beautiful country. I found it mind-boggling that all this evil was happening in a beautiful country. People were living their lives normally, while right next to them were gas chambers. There were apartment buildings right outside the camps. How can people live like that?” - Montana does not inform that the 'people' were also murdered. I hope that her educational videos do not contain more errors.


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