Thursday, November 24, 2022

Poland is Gray and Colorless in the Eyes of Netflix: An Internet Meme


This photo is circulating on social media with the caption "If Poland v Mexico were broadcast via Netflix." 

I asked a Facebook friend to explain the meme and Ian Barrs provided the following explanation, "It's a joking reference to the clichéd cinematic depictions of both places in modern TV and cinema. Specifically, the fact that anything set in Mexico will have a yellow filter applied to look permanently sunny, hot and dusty, whereas (as everyone knows) the entirety of Eastern Europe is permanently grey and all color tones are washed out and muted."

1 comment:

  1. Netflix shows I have seen in or around Poland [or with Polish settings]:

    Too old for fairy tales

    The mire


    Hold on [Harlan Coben story reset in Warsaw]

    Autumn Girl [about a 1960s singer who pushed lots of boundaries]

    A SBS on Demand series:

    The Six

    and there is one set in a Polish prison which I am going to see "next".

    and at least one Mexican film I had seen:


    What about the telenovelas?

    The Polish list is not a comprehensive one at all.

    Saw the Polish-Mexico game - it was really great!

    Looking forward to Poland v Saudi Arabia.

    [again on the Special Broadcasting Service of Australia which for 40 years and more has been opening people up to all sorts of colours and belongings].

    Adelaide Dupont


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