Thursday, September 8, 2022

PBS Judy Woodruff: Poles Went Along Silently with Nazism; Poles Are Complicit


Judy Woodruff, powerful American journalist, hostess on  PBS (Public Broadcasting System, a taxpayer-funded service) says Poles went along silently with Nazism and that Poles are complicit in the Holocaust. 

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  1. Poland did fight the Nazism since September the 1st, 1939. About 100,000 Jewish soldiers participated, so it is difficult to ignore the fight. The Poles were not silent. The government-in-exile demanded help for Polish Jews, its Jewish memeber Szmul Zygelbojm committed suicide in May 1943 to protest against the passivity of the world. Executed Poles were unable to shout, because the Germans (not only the Nazis) gagged them.

  2. I do not know, what Tova Friedman has written. But her co-author Malcolm Brabant says:"And the worst thing of all is complicity. And, at the time, there was an awful lot of antisemitism in Poland. Not everybody in Poland was antisemitic. There were lots of people who actually fought really hard.But in the town that Tova came from, it was quite bad. " Which town was it?

  3. With a foreword by SIR BEN KINGSLEY. Nazi, never German but Central Poland, not occupied Central Poland. "surviving the liquidation", by whom? "were forced into a packed cattle truck and sent to Auschwitz II", by whom?

  4. Deported from Poland, Liberated from Poland (Auschwitz Birkenau). Her town is Tomaszów Mazowiecki, bombed and defended in 1939 Karolina Juszczykowska helped two Jews and was beheaded. It happened when Tova was in Birkenau, but she should learn about it.

  5. USHMM about facts - I do not see any accusations toward the Poles.

  6. Monika Rice about The Polish Catholic Church under German Occupation: The Reichsgau Wartheland, 1939–1945. By Jonathan Huener

  7. Shooting her mouth off over things that she knows absolutely nothing about.


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