Thursday, February 24, 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine! Russian Soldiers Must Disobey Orders to Commit War Crimes!



  1. I have mixed feelings about supporting Ukraine. The Ukrainians have never admitted, much less repented of, the OUN-UPA genocide of 200,000 Poles during the Nazi German occupation. In fact, there are statues all over Ukraine glorifying Ukrainian murderer Stepan Bandera.

    1. Certainly not 200 000. About 100 000. Poles killed several thousands, perhaps more than 10 000.

    2. Ukrainian Security Service (Sluzhba Bezpeky) murdered Ukrainians, who helped Poles. Let's remeber the heroic Ukrianian helpers.

  2. Well, and here we have the endek US fifth column, posting essentially the same stuff which Russian trolls are sharing all over the Internet. When Poland's security is in question and people are dying, apparently we should now go back to quarells about historical guilts.

    I am surprised you would post Mr Peczkis' post, Danusha. I understand you would not post his anti-Semitic posts, but why accept the pro-war, pro-Putin ones? Freedom of speech does not allow you to cry "fire" in a crowded theatre and this is precisely what he is doing.

    1. Thank you for posting. I appreciate it.

      As for anti Semitic material. Jan has been posting on this blog for years. His posts often repeat material. For example, and Jan can correct me if I have this wrong, he says that some Jews are not really Polish.

      When he has said that in the past, I have replied with contrary material.

      Given that we've gone over that point many times, I see no point in posting that allegation again.

      As for Jan's comments about not wanting to support Ukraine, even in spirit, today, I have not had the time to post contrary material. I'm glad you stepped up and did so. I thank you.

      I'm a big believer in free speech. I believe the solution to speech one does not like is not less speech, but more speech. I've offered that "More speech" in the past, and you did that today You did a good thing. You can be proud.

    2. Well said, Dr. Goska. I must say that Mr. Sitarek has a rather vivid imagination.

    3. Easy.

      Mr. Sitarek says that I am "pro-war, pro-Putin". Nonsense. I have condemned Vladimir Putin in several of my reviews, if he bothered to read them.

      He says that I am crying fire in a crowded theater. Sounds rather farfetched.

      And more.

    4. Mr. Sitarek said that I was "pro-war". Sounds pretty irresponsible.

      His statement, that I am "pro-Putin", is no better. In fact, in some of my reviews, I explicitly condemn Putin.

      Finally, Mr. Sitarek's claim that I am "crying 'fire' in a crowded theater", borders on the hysterical.

    5. Let me quickly respond to Mr Peczkis.

      Obviously, assessment of what is being said depends on the context. One could debate the Ukrainian historical policy in times of peace. Raising these kind of issues when war is raging next door to us, when millions of our friends and coworkers are crying for their country being shamelessly attacked, when Europe's security is crumbling and everything depends on swift and severe response of the West...I stand by my view that Mr Peczkis' post was irresponsible, harmful and in line with current massive Russian propaganda.
      One think that may explain it is his distance from Poland and his lack of understanding of real Polish issues and our situation.

    6. So Mr. Sitarek is changing his argument. Now he is saying that only he has the real understanding of the situation. Sounds pretty presumptuous to me.

  3. I emotionally support Ukraine, but Ukraine has refused to allow Poles to bury Polish victims of Ukrianian nationalists. here is a text about railway cargo problems.

  4. University of Washington accepts Russian war ideology. "Russia’s traditional zone of influence" "A history of repeated invasions by foreign adversaries was used to justify this aggressive offensive strategy." Russia joined World War 2 in 1939, inviding several nations, not in 1941.

  5. Western rationalization of Russian obsessions could be used to rationalize Adolf Hitler's crimes. Poland was also an empire but does not invide anyone around and inside (Chechnia). Austria was an empire, now a small ecologically obsessed nation. Medvedev tried to modernize Russia, but failed. The money probably stolen, ignorants promoted, potential leaders removed. Russian oligarchs posess yachts, they do not built university institutions like some rich Americans. You cannot control the whole Europe having Italian class economy.

  6. Lex, please use a real first and last name with your post. Thank you.


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