Monday, November 15, 2021

"Death to Jews" Polish Nationalists Burn Book on Jewish Rights at Rally: Times of Israel


Story here.


  1. Decent Polish people will condemn this act unequivocally.

    No excuses. No, "It was just a small number of extremists."

    No, "The press distorted it."

    If the press distorted it we can address that later. For now the facts are uncontested and decent Polish people need to condemn monsters like this.

  2. I am against such deeds. But it is not obvious that the organisers were 'Polish nationalists'. They have been arrested. The fact are uncontested, no person has been attacked. Please compare with US shootings. You have protested against the IPN law as a defender of freedom of speach. Why are anti-Polish lies acceptable but anti-Jewish ones wrong?

    1. Again, you insult Danusha because you do not like her post. As a reader of this blog, you know damn well Danusha does not tolerate anti-Polish lies.

      Again, you engage in whataboutism, bringing up the unrelated topic of shootings in the United States.

      Whataboutism: the practice of responding to a difficult question by raising a different issue.

      And as for what you wrote below, i.e., that these people are idiots and not monsters . . . well, Jerzy, I think you should take a good, hard look at your moral compass. Chanting “death to the Jews,” or death to any ethnic group, is vile. If these were Jews chanting “death to the Poles,” you would be screaming bloody murder. That you cannot bring yourself to condemn this type of behavior because those engaging in it are members of your own ethnic group speaks volumes about your unchecked chauvinism.

    2. Yes, the question of antisemitism is complicated. Mostly outside Poland. People are murdered there, even security of Jewish kindergardens endangered. Poland is a peaceful country. I have not done anything wrong and I do not think that I should be sorry about the Kalisz incident. I wasn't there. The police has arrested some responsible persons, certainly not typical Polish nationalists. One of them is a fan of Putin, the other one works for US owned television. Why don't you ask the Discovery to fire the guy? I find this ad perrsonam attack by Rubin disgusting. I have survived Communism, martial law, post-Communist poverty. What give you right to judge me? An Israeli has spat on Polish ambassador, later Yair Lapis expelled the ambassador and accused Poles to run Auschwitz. US Jewish organization demand billions from Polish survivors of Nazism, Communism and liberal experiments.

    3. What are the limits of freedom of speach? Either everything is allowed or some limits exists. Why 'Polish camp Auschwitz' is allowed but burning a book is a crime?

  3. 'monsters'? Do you find the word acceptable? Perhaps 'idiots', but 'monsters'?

  4. - the allegeged Polish nationalist, lover of Putin and Lukashenka.

  5. One of the Kalisz antisemites works for Discovery owned TVN.

  6. Considering all the vile statements that have been made about Poland by the other side, why get excited about a handful of Poles that respond in kind?

  7. Three months of pre-trial detention.

  8. Hello,

    I didn't wanted to write about that incident. Now I regret I haven't wrote sooner. I'm not gonna make excuses, just try to explain something.

    This disgusting "happening" was organised by three people. Two of them are unfulfilled actors named Olszański and Osadowski. Third guy is Piotr Rybak. Yeah, that old attention seeker. With them came a small group of young men. And reporters.

    Kalisz is a charming but small town. There was no reason for media presence. It was our Day of Independence and people were celebrating all over Poland.

    Osadowski and Olszański came from Warsaw which is 157 miles from Kalisz. Rybak drove 82 miles from his village to Kalisz. I've checked.

    Those outsiders came to market square knowing that there will be crowd of local residents there. And they did their "show". They could have done the same in my hometown.

    Reporters took pictures, recorded the incident. And informed the foreign media. Someone had to explain what "Śmierć Żydom" means. And what the Statute of Kalisz was.

    Kalisz is not only a place where Statute was signed. It was a home of Lt. Henryk Jedwab. It was a home of Jewish women who made the banner for Polish insurgents. Residents of Kalisz remember and value their history. They don't deserve to be branded as antisemites, because a band of outsiders chose that town for their political provocation.

  9. Piotr5 Rybak, Wroclaw, 2019,35771,25460110,piotr-rybak-zatrzymany-przez-policje-sad-nalozyl-na-niego-grzywne.html Oswiecim, punished

  10. "St. Louis" by Spiegelman,

  11. Ulma mother and daughter, photographed by father, a multitalented farmer. Magdalena Gawin writes about Dutch painting analogy. The whole family has been murdered by Germans.


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