Monday, June 28, 2021

Kissing and Hugging Germans; Staring at Poles

Back in 1995, two young adults on an official mission of multicultural tolerance get off a plane in Tel Aviv. One is German, one is Polish. The Israeli host embraces the German with kisses and hugs. But he stares coldly and suspiciously at the Pole, barely willing to shake his hand, as if the elderly Israeli had come face to face with an unrepentant pogromnik. To the Pole, Andrzej Folwarczny, the gesture spoke volumes about the success of German-Jewish reconciliation and the challenges that lay ahead for Polish-Jewish relations.” I couldn’t understand why suddenly I was the enemy,” he recalls. During the same visit, Folwarczny overhears a German-speaking tour guide at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial tell German visitors, “Auschwitz was in Poland because the Germans knew that Poland was an anti-Semitic country.” 

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Thanks to Lukasz for sending this in. 


  1. Money talks, and the Germans had purchased Jewish forgiveness (4 book reviews):

  2. Hello,

    You're welcome, Dr Goska.
    I have another article for You. I don't know if You have read it already. It was widely noted by Polish media few yars ago.
    It can be read in incognito browsing mode.

  3. I am skeptical of them listening to reason. They are bigots.

  4. I believe in free speech and I am more likely to allow posts on this blog than not allow posts on this blog. I do not agree with or endorse many and in some cases most of the posts. I don't object to the posts because I have limited time.

    "They are bigots."

    Who are bigots? If the poster means that all Jews are bigots of course that in itself is a bigoted statement and I reject it.

    As usual, I will not post any back and forth type comments.

  5. I have never found any result of the 'Dialog'. Folwarczny is a member of Community Committee of 'Polin' Museum, together with rather anti-Polish activists.

  6. 'Summer of pogroms, 1941.' The pogroms (?) had let say 2000 vicitms. AT the same time Germans murdered tens of thousands, eg. burning Bialystok synagogue. The good Soviets murdered at the same time thousands of political prisoners, including Jewish ones. Jewish vicitms of Communists are apparently unimportant.


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