Saturday, May 8, 2021

Facebook Meme about Reparations

My book, "Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype" is about stereotypes of Poles. I'm qualified to talk about that topic. 

I'm not qualified to talk about reparations, or PiS, so I don't talk much about those topics. I sometimes talk around these topics if they impinge on stereotypes of Poles. 

The meme, below, just came through my Facebook feed. I'm not sharing this meme to endorse it.

In fact there's a problem with the meme. "YOU have one cow." In fact, the cow in question belonged to a Jewish family, no? It wasn't YOUR cow. It was another family's cow. That family wants reparations. 

I'm sharing this meme to show how some process the reparations debate. Again, I'm not qualified to comment on the meme's accuracy. It does interest me, though, as a reflection of some people's thoughts on this matter. 


  1. The onetime Jewish owners of the cow were murdered by the Germans, and so the cow legally and properly became the property of the Poles. No one has the right to say otherwise.

    1. If you were to die without a will, at least in my state, state law would bequeath your property to your next of kin, not your neighbor. So, the cow belongs to the Jews' kin.

    2. Again, I'm not qualified to settle reparations disputes. I'm just commenting on the idea that if you die your property somehow belongs to your neighbor rather than you relatives.

    3. Communist Poland has signed am indemnity treaty with the USA and has paid money to the US administration. The main problem is that American Jewish organisations demand money from Poland, which means also Polish Jews. Polish Jewish organizations obtain buildings and grounds (destroied cemetaries) amd sell them without any limitations, because noone would buy a cemetary or a synagogue.

    4. Eastern Jews were unwelcome in America 1933-1941. Now they are 'kin'. Not exactly they, but their buiding plots in reconstructed Warsaw.

  2. Except that heirless property escheats to the state--that is, Poland. It does not, 75 years later, become the property of self-appointed Jewish organizations.

  3. My family had 'a cow' (a big farm). My family got no penny. I lived in hostels till my 45 anniversary.


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