Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Bieganski the Blog: Against Identifying Nazism with Christianity

For Holocaust Remembrance Day 

Bieganski the Blog: Against Identifying Nazism with Christianity: On January 4, 2017, news broke that four young Chicagoans kidnapped an 18-year-old, special needs teenager. The kidnappers bound and gag...


  1. I have done a lot of reading on this, and it is clear that the standard narrative posits that the Nazi Holocaust could not have happened without Christianity.

  2. Standard yearly Auschwitz liberation aggression, I have several similar comments and articles. This time regarding Majdanek. Ignore the 'museum', writes a person who knows everything, beacause she visted the camp in 1998 and was informed by a guide. Poland has changed since 1998 and the Museim seems to be professional and peaceful.

  3. Revolutionaries in Poland destroy image of an unborn baby. Waldemar Kuczynski, one of the most anti-government commentators, criticizes the revolutionaries.

  4. Vanessa Gera, AP, traditionally misinforms about Poland. Her lies are reprinted around the world. This copy comes from Miami and has been recommended by a Paris blog. A 90 years old woman sues two influential professors, who have probably falsely or at least unprecisely accused Edward Malinowski. Is it a crime to defend the only property of poor people - their human dignity? People who were never terrorised by armed criminals believe they are better than Poles. Are they?

  5. A picture of an old Polish peasant women who dares to oppose a Canadian professor. Thousands of educated people defend Grabowski, among them the Polish Studies Association.


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