Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Abortion Protest Shows that Poland's Youth Are Not Traditionalist - Comment on Rod Dreher's Blog

Photo source Reuters Marcin Stepien 
Sign says: Religious Fanatics Get the F--- Out 

There have been massive protests in Poland over a new abortion law. A commenter on Rod Dreher's blog wrote, "Poland as traddy paradise is something largely confined to older and more rural people. Younger Poles are typical Eurokids. They want to party and have fun and dance to bad techno music with as few consequences as possible. They couldn't care less about Western Civilization(R) or traditional piety."


  1. Some abortion protests in Poland are barbarian. Mocking a vicitm of 1970' shooting, vulgar 'graffiti' on a church, under which 1000 civilians died in 1944', attacking churches, masked militias. Workers of an integration kindergarden in Warsaw supported abortion, which made angry sevaera mothers of handicapped children. The majority of protesters do not know the law, they believe that there is a new law. There ios noit, there is a ruling of a Constitutional Tribunal. I do not know how to soolve the problem, but the barbarians do not know either.

    1. Constitutional Tribunal in Poland is able to strike the law down. If it says that certain law is unconstitutional - such as a law allowing for abortion im case od fetal abnormalities - than that law ceases to be in force. So the Tribunal in fact removed the right to abort in cases of fetal abnormalities, which accounted for a vast majority of (already highly restricted) legal abortions in Poland.

    2. Piotr, I mean 'a law' as 'ustawa'. There is no new ustawa. Yes, the Tribunal chnages 'law' in general, but is does not define any new ustawa, as some people believe.

    3. The effect of the Constitutional Tribunal's ruling is the same as if the Parliament amended the act of law( ustawa) by abolishing one of the exceptions from the prohibition of abortion.

    4. The Tribunal ruled because of or Constitution. It could not rule otherwise, then it would go against the Constitution.

      The majority of abortion cases are Down's Syndrome, and similar minor defects. Serious anomalies are rare cases. Of course, every parent wants a healthy baby, but a society cannot discriminate disabled folks in an almost eugenic manner.

  2. Jan Peczkis, you protest that this blog post is one sided.

    You don't seem to realize that it's just a quote from Rod Dreher's blog.

    Do you want to comment on that quote? Have you got something of substance to offer on this comment? If so, please offer that something of substance. I'll post it.


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