Friday, August 7, 2020

Polish Women MPs Wear Rainbow-Colored Clothes to Protest President Duda's Homophobic Comments

"A group of Polish opposition MPs wore the rainbow colors of the LGBT flag in protest against President Andrzej Duda at his swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.

While some opposition leaders chose to boycott Duda’s inauguration, other MPs attended, wearing rainbow masks and bright colors to express their support for Poland’s LGBTQ community, whom Duda actively campaigned against.

In a campaign speech in June, Duda called LGBTQ rights an ideology “more destructive” than communism, prompting allegations of discrimination and hate speech from various international bodies, including the European Parliament.

Duda’s reelection bid has centered on “family rights and values,” and the belief that LGBTQ ideology undermines traditional family roles between men and women."

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  2. I support President Duda and his stance.

  3. Polish actress, writer and activist Joanna Szczepkowska is opressed in Poland. She is however not oppressed by bad PiS government, but by progressive directors of theaters and liberal TVN24 television. She protests against Warsaw LGBT card, which states that LGBT+ community is 'distinctively' creative. She believes it is a form of discrimination. The LGBT+ activists from big cities declare they care about persecuted village and small town LGBT teenagers. But they manifest in city of Warsaw and some forms of the protests are unpopular and common opinion about LGBT+ worse than before the protests. President Duda criticised neo-Marxixt ideology but some people rewrite his words.

  4. Many popular radio personalities have left 3rd Polish Radio protesting against political pressure. Some of them have created 'Nowy Swiat Radio' to promote 'freedom of speach'. Recently the president of the radio has abdicated, because the radio described Margot as 'he'. Margot looks like a man, speaks about himself as a man, dominates a group of girls, so he behaves like a Lationo macho but claims to be a woman. He is a man according to Polish law and has not applied for legal sex change.

    1. I'm sure that cellmate will treat "Margot" like a woman. A prison wife to be specific.

  5. Margot is isolated in the prison. S/he declares to be nonbinary recently.


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