Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Yad Vashem Apologizes for Inaccuracies about Poland in Auschwitz Anniversary Videos

"Israel's Holocaust Museum Apologizes for Inaccurate Videos"  Associated Press

Yad Vashem has apologized for inaccuracies in videos it showed during a recent 75th anniversary commemoration of the end of the Nazi concentration camp. 

Quotes from the article, below. 

"Yad Vashem said the videos neglected to mention Poland's division between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 or Nazi Germany's conquest of Western Europe in 1940, showed incorrect borders of Poland and labeled concentration camps as extermination camps...

January's memorial event, which marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, was beset by conflict over competing national narratives as Russia and Poland seek to leverage their interpretation of the past for contemporary political gains...Poland ... has tried to downplay its own complicity in the Holocaust"

Note that the Associated Press reports that when Poland attempts to address historical revisionism it is merely trying to leverage interpretations for political gains and to downplay its own complicity. Poles are liars; Poles are criminals. Poles do not tell the truth, and can never be trusted. That is Bieganski, the Brute Polak stereotype

Full text here


  1. Poland is seen as “lying” because its historical truths don’t fit the Western narrative that portrays Hitler as the greatest evil in history and the Allies, Stalin included, as the principled side who bravely defeated him.
    To the West’s chroniclers, Poland’s historically true narrative, which confirms Stalin as a degenerate equal to Hitler and communism an immoral ideology as evil as Nazism, doesn’t exist and has been conveniently erased.
    The historically true account of extensive Polish lives lost impairs the Western narrative of European Jews as the greatest victims of the war. There also can be no mention of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin betraying Poland. The Soviet invasion of Poland also doesn’t fit the Western notion of a respectable Stalin who helped liberate Europe from the Germans. The courageous resistance of the Polish Underground doesn’t fit the Western narrative of the “brave French” whom Hitler was unable to defeat. The collaborationist Vichy French who rounded up thousands of French Jews for transport to the death camps are absent from the Western narrative.

    1. Poland is seen as “lying” because its historical truths don’t fit the Western narrative that portrays Hitler as the greatest evil in history and the Allies, Stalin included, as the principled side who bravely defeated him.

      Everything you said is 100% spot-on. I would just like to add a minor detail I have come to realize lately: The West collaborated with Stalin against Hitler. Which makes them kind of the mirror image of Vichy. They have even "rounded up" thousands of poor devils (alongside true sons/daughters of Satan) and delivered them into Stalins/the communists "loving" embrace: people like general Wlassow and his army, also, google the so-called Bleiburg repatriations, the fate of the Chetnik movement (I must stress what I have already said: most of these people did not deserve to die as they had been recruited by others, had no other way out ect. The rest should have been given a fair trial).If they admit, that Stalin was a son of Satan, what does this make them?

  2. The article says "The president of Poland, which has tried to downplay its own complicity in the Holocaust," It is disgusting. Poland was the only nation in the region which did not participate in the Holocaust. One of the reasons was that the Nazis despised Poles and did not accept complicity of (rather small) Polish organisations, but still no such complicity existed.

    1. Expressions like "downplay its own complicity" are very cunning. It neatly crosses over the bit where you have to haul Poles and Poland - whose people were victims of the Nazis and who resisted their occupiers fiercely - across to the Axis Side.

      We are already there. No need to look too closely at how on earth that could have happened.

      Please please can we think seriously about the Biblical warning that the real ruler of the present wicked system of things on earth is Satan the Devil, the one who Jesus called "the father of the lie". The one who told the first lie ever told, in Eden, and set in train the tragedy we are living in.

      Because what follows from that?


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