Friday, January 17, 2020

Israel Playing Putin's Game re: Holocaust Revisionism: Haaretz

"Analysis The Dirty Politics Behind Israel's Capitulation to Putin's WWII Revisionism
Hosting event marking 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation, Israel's Holocaust remembrance authority is now facilitating the Kremlin campaign to blame Poland for the outbreak of WWII – and to whitewash Stalin's handshake with Hitler"

An op ed in Haaretz alleges that Israel is playing Putin's game re: Holocaust revisionism, and that this is manifest in upcoming commemorations of the liberation of Auschwitz.

There will be two commemorations, one at Yad Vashem, the other at Auschwitz itself. The article alleges that the Yad Vashem commemoration is tainted by dirty politics and historical revisionism.

FTA: "For months now, Putin has been waging a blatantly anti-Polish campaign, claiming, in part, that Poland played a part in the outbreak of World War II and that it collaborated with Nazi Germany. Soviet/Russian-Nazi German cooperation, which culminated in the notorious Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that divided Poland between the two occupying countries, is now being depicted by Putin as unavoidable and something that was actually meant to help Poland.

This distortion of history led to a justified Polish fear that Putin would use the platform he is given at Yad Vashem to perpetuate anti-Polish revisionism - while the Polish president would be forced to look on from the audience, unable to defend himself, his country and the historical record. For this reason, too, Duda’s request to join the list of speakers is warranted."

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  1. Yad Vashem issued a press release on 7 Jan 20 entitled “Yad Vashem response to reports that Polish President Duda will not attend the Fifth World Holocaust Forum”.

    The press release’s title, of course, should have been “Yad Vashem explains why Polish President Duda will not be allowed to speak at the Fifth World Holocaust Forum”. The body of the press release should have explained why President Duda was not allowed to speak at the conference and the explanation should have identified the individuals who made the decision, provided the justification for their decision, and why Yad Vashem agreed with this decision.

    The issue, as previously detailed in other media, was that President Duda was told he could attend but would not be allowed to address the conference. Yad Vashem knew that Duda said he would not take part if the organizers would not allow him to speak at the conference; however, this fact was missing from the press release.

    Duda was denied the opportunity to speak because the conference’s organizer, Russian billionaire Moshe Vyacheslav Kantor, long-time head of the European Jewish Congress, major financial contributor to Yad Vashem, and personal friend of President Putin, agreed to Putin’s demand that Duda not be allowed to speak. Yad Vashem knew this fact but omitted it from the press release.

    It’s obvious that Yad Vashem’s intent was to obfuscate the issue and dodge the truth by presenting false arguments with various fictions. By allowing Putin to parrot falsehoods at the conference while preventing Duda from discussing the facts, Yad Vashem irreparably compromised its integrity and standing as a body that pursues historical truths.

    1. Gene thank you for that important information. Very troubling. Shame on Yad Vashem for muzzling the Polish representative.


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