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Muslim Arabs Beat Jews in Warsaw; Catholic Poles are Blamed. Bieganski Lives on Facebook

On September 8, Barak Kashpizky reported on Facebook that he was beaten up in Warsaw by what he describes as attackers who were probably Muslim Arabs. Kashpizky, those commenting on his post, and various press reports blame Poles, not the attackers, for this attack. 

You can see Mr Kaspizky's post here

You can see a sample of press coverage, blaming Poles and Poland, here

From the Facebook provided English translation of this post: "If you were wondering, not one of the hundreds of polish polish who were in the place went to offer help, none of the polish invited police. Even the club security that was called for help did not reach out...reality is repeated. Polish people stand by watching, while people "not from their nation" hit until the loss of recognition of Jews ... There is not even one representative from the state of Israel that came to assist...

Lucky for him, and lucky for us, stand next to him and took care of him all along the college of director, head of delegation and his deputy. Dedication that the embassy Israel is not educated to do.

I'm telling the story because I want Israelis to know. Israelis be careful. It seems that this story doesn't interest the ministry of foreign affairs, but I'm sure you're with Israel is very interesting. My brother was lucky, who knows what will happen next."

The post is being rapidly shared on Facebook. As of this writing, it has almost two thousand shares, but that number is increasing by the minute. 

The post has been responded to over 700 times, but, again, that number is increasing. 

Sample Facebook post in response, below: 

Daniel Rosenzweig:

"I just love how all the Polacks here are acting all innocent and clueless, as if all the antisemitism in Poland started only after the Krauts invaded. My great grandmother escaped to America before the nazis came into power because of you people, and she refused to be remembered as Polish. It was an insult to her then as much as it is to my entire family today. 

Poland can suck a fat one for all I care. Also, if you weren't as antosemitic as you claim, you wouldn't have tried to cover this incident up. At least modern day Germans show some guilt and responsibility for what their ancestors did to us."

You can see Daniel Rosenzweig's Facebook page here

Again, from Facebook: "boycott Poland and do not let it earn from the Israel government "

Another post, translated by Facebook, reads, " those crab are running there. They will still throw the polish out of their country. And may they succeed. Damn Anti-Semitic."

And "With stupid we are. The Polish people were worse than the mhnʼẕym. May this country burn all the time the rest of the elite that is no longer among life today. And they were right!!!! Poland is an anti-Anti-Anti-country of generations. Stupid who his foot is walking on the ground, blood is out there. May this country burn in memory of the six million."

And "Thank God we took advantage of these injustice, maybe if we stop driving there they will understand that they are the only ones who will lose because they will not have a living from the tourists.. we have to make an end to it immediately"

And, "The land there is seen in Jewish blood. But Israelis - because it's cheap there - are ready to sell their souls to Satan and return with a reality from zara that cost them half price...Continue to support the polish people and don't be surprised by their kindness for the appearance of the lynch in the Jew."

And, "Unfortunately it is also not surprising that the mental polish bet without helping and discover to get involved in the help of the other sure it is not them, they were bad in the past and so also now, they hate everyone who is not polish see it from their government and in the residents, lucky your brother came out only with such damage"

A comment under the above-linked press article reads, "The Poles stood around and did nothing- so yeah they deserve blame. Europeans have been degrading, murdering and torturing us Jews for thousands of years. Soneday- G-d willing  someday soon- Europeans will pay big time for it."

another post mentions " the complicity of many Poles in the slaughter of defenceless Jews."

Another post reads " the ghosts of the pogroms in Poland are not very much alive and continue to flourish freely above the surface in society in Poland?

Just read the pathetic excuses from the Polish trolls here who have no reason to even comment here. I wonder how cocky they would be if they met us at the seawall in Tel Aviv..?  For them, ETZEL lives!"


Please note. I did not have to dig to find Bieganski comments. There are there, big as life, over and over and over and over. 

The Polaks are scum. We must boycott Poland. May Poland burn. Shalom. 

Now more than ever, buy, read, review, and share Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype.

In the midst of all the crazy yelling and screaming, there are more thoughtful posts, including this one:

And this one:


  1. I'm only fifty percent Polish, of course, so I'm only fifty percent responsible for this attack.

    1. Hello Dr Goska,

      I learned about that incident from a post on Twitter. Man who posted it is a Polish-Jew currently living in Israel. He used words "anti-Polish chutzpah". And four exclamation marks. I could sense his anger. And shame.

      When I've read those comments I too felt anger. Then I thought about that elderly, decent man. Poor guy. He must have been blushing as red as a tomato.

  2. Blame everything on Poles and Poland. Same old song.

    1. Speaking of that and related topics, Jan what's your honest opinion on this article published in the Times Of Israel?

    2. My honest opinion?

      It's the standard blame-everything-on-Christianity meme that Jews have been saying since time immemorial.

    3. Mr. Peczkis, I partly agree with you on this. Speaking of blaming Christianity for most of the evils that befell the Jewish people throughout their history, here's another book that blames the Church for most of the suffering that Jews have endured throughout their history.

      It's by an Jewish believer in Jesus Jan. Admittedly, there's an sad history of Christian anti-Semitism(I'm thinking here of the infamous blood libels) so there MIGHT be SOME good material in the book. But this book also seems to endorse the lachrymose conception of Jewish history(Which I despise BTW. Not Jewish history but the lachrymose conception of Jewish history). Although there is at least SOME discussion of Leftist anti-Semitism(good).

  3. A Polish journalist criticizes Danusha Goska's "Haaretz" text. He writes more about its poor summary published by "Najwyższy Czas", but he is very radical.

    1. Hello Mr. Pankiewicz,

      That journalist is a leftist nutjob. Pompous and sanctimonious. He hasn't even read the "Bieganski".

      He apparently has read Garbowski's book about "one county" of Dąbrowa Tarnowska near Tarnów. And he quotes a fragment of a text from that book. That fragment is about village Trzebieszów near Lublin. It's easy to check that Tarnów and Lublin are in different parts of Poland. "One county"? I don't think so.
      In his book Grabowski implies that all those cases of Polish collaboration happened on small area. And rest of occupied Poland was no better. In reality those cases were incidents from all over the country.
      Seems to me that Grabowski is counting that his readers are lazy and won't check the facts.

      By the way, Dr Goska, Your article in Haaretz was excellent.

    2. I have tried to explain him something and obtained answer that I lost my mind.

  4. JOAN MELLEN (mentioned in the "Haaretz" article) is a professor of English and creative writing, not of history. Her "Baltimoore Sun" review is unavailable in Poland.

    1. One does not have to be a historian to engage in history.
      Creative history that is.

  5. So, to summarise: We - us Poles/Polonians - are all WORSE THAN HITLER!!! And we shot Bambi's mother.

    It is Paintedbirdery as usual.


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