Thursday, June 20, 2019

"It's Necessary to Bring Jewish Communism into Full View" Ruth Wisse in Mosaic

Harvard scholar Ruth Wisse argues that it is necessary to bring Jewish communism into full view. She says that Jewish communists betrayed their faith before they betrayed others. She talks about how communists recruited Yiddish writers and how that besmirched the Yiddish language. She acknowledges that anti-Semites use those Jews who were communists as an excuse for anti-Semitism, but says that an accounting is necessary nonetheless. Read the full article here


  1. It’s also necessary to bring into full view Jewish collaboration with the Germans against fellow Jews and Poles as well as Jewish collaboration with the Soviets against Poles during 1939-1941 and again in 1944. Polish officials have publicly and repeatedly acknowledged collaboration of individual Poles against Polish Jews. I’d like to see the same from Jewish officials.

  2. Jerzy, you say Gene exaggerated, but you provide no details. Can you please tell us what you mean?

  3. An academic description :Polonsky, The Jews in Poland and Russia.

    There is one of the best Polish novels "Droga donikąd" by Józef Mackiewicz. It describes collaboration of ethnic Poles 1940-1941.

  4. Hey Jan, what do you think of this post?

  5. I'm so GLAD that an Jewish scholar has highlighted Jewish participation in Communism and culpability for it's crimes. Christians are (rightfully) told to highlight the terrible stuff committed in the name of their faith have to highlight the culpability of Christians(in different ways) for these crimes.


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