Sunday, April 28, 2019

Another Crazy American Anti-Semite: Owen Benjamin

I have seen, shared, and liked at least one Owen Benjamin YouTube video. He, I think, wrote a song titled "How They Rule Ya" about Tommy Robinson's incarceration. 

And that's all I knew about Owen Benjamin. 

Now I know that he's been in movies and on other popular YouTube stars' channels. 

Today I was idly scrolling through my Facebook feed and I found out that he's a crazy anti-Semite. 

Article from Algemeiner here. Excerpt:


As the comedian, who goes by the name of Owen Benjamin, rants about the evil, hate-worthy Jews who are responsible for all the problems of the world, his supporters make comments on YouTube’s live chat stream that vilify and demonize Jews. They type things like “With Jews You Lose,” “Jews became their own god,” “The bible is a jew scam,” “MUZZIES ARE PWNS OF JEWS,” and “BOLSHEVIK JEWS ZIONIST JEWS SAME CONTROL FREAKS.”

As far as what to do with the Jews, one commenter exhorted his fellows to “SODOMIZE THE JEWS INTO SUBMISSION.” Another barely literate commenter who probably had too much to drink typed, “may all jews asa be murdered, if nescessary, all of them, so nobody thinks anymore they are the h=cosen people anymore.” The typos are bad, but the message is clear. This guy wants Jews murdered en masse, just as they were in Pittsburgh last year.

Up until a few weeks ago, YouTube made money from allowing this type of rhetoric — which clearly violates the company’s terms of service — to be broadcast on its servers.


I went to YouTube and watched one of the anti-Semitic videos. It was very disturbing. Even more disturbing were the comments under the video. Comparable to the comments, above. 

This guy is comfortable, child of college professors, tall, handsome, successful, happily married, has a huge following ... and somehow he is convinced that Jews are a menace to him. 

Clearly anti-Semitism is not a problem merely in tiny Polish villages. 

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