Monday, February 4, 2019

American Media Ignoring Growing Trend of Violent Assaults against Jews in America: Allegation

An article alleges that American media is ignoring a growing trend of violent assaults against Jews in America. One possible reason. The alleged attackers are not the media's favored villains. Read the article here.

Watch video of one such attack below. 


  1. The best comment under this article is that of Topcat 69. He or she has an excellent grasp of the situation:

    "Serious question: are these attacks being ignored because the victims are Jewish or because the perps are black? This is very confusing and my victimology chart doesn’t help when both sides of the equation have to be considered."

    1. What would happen if Polish American Catholics were violently attacking Jews?

    2. That's a no-brainer.

      We would not hear the end of it.

      The American reader would learn that Poles must have anti-Semitism in their genes, and that Catholic leaders are still "not doing enough" to counteract it.

      This would all be connected to Poland, and we would be reminded that Poles are still not "coming to terms with the past."

      We would learn, once again, that Polish nationalism is dreadful and next to neo-Nazism, and that the PiS Government is undemocratic and a purveyor of (what else?) hate.

  2. Did any Polish organisation in the USA protest?

    1. Hello Mr. Pankiewicz,

      What that reporter said is just a tip of an iceberg.
      State Secretary Mike Pompeo in his speech praised a commie criminal Frank Blajchman.
      Blajchman was a traitor, a torturer and a murderer.
      Pompeo also raised the issue of Holocaust-era property restitution. One doesn't have to be a genius to know that he had only one ethnic group in mind.

      Bibi Netanyahu said that the Polish nation collaborated with Nazis during World War II.

      So I wouldn't worry about some reporter. We have bigger problems.

    2. Yes, the same-old, same-old Polonophobia.

  3. Hello,

    JTA has published an interesting article about so-called Bernase Group. One of group's members was Juliusz Kühl who was once mentioned on this blog.


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