Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Polish Liberals Stereotype and Hate More than Polish Conservatives (?) New Research from the University of Warsaw

I don't live in Poland. I don't write about contemporary Polish society. My book Bieganski: The Brute Polak Stereotype is about stereotypes of Poles, primarily in the US, Israel, and Western Europe. That being the case, I label this new research about "liberals" and "conservatives" with caution. If our Polish readers (Jerzy and Lukasz for example) would like to correct my use of the terms "liberal" and "conservative" in relation to Poland, please feel free to do so, but tell me why. 


New research from the University of Warsaw suggests that Poland's "liberals" are more hostile to Poland's "conservatives" than vice versa. 

You can read the full report here

Here is a summary from Rzeczpospolita. You can read the full article here

"Attitudes of supporters of opposition parties towards PiS supporters are more negative than PiS supporters' attitude towards opposition supporters - voters of opposition parties have more negative feelings, dehumanize and have less trust in their political opponents than supporters of the ruling party;

• Supporters of opposition parties have more negative attitudes towards PiS supporters than those who are least liked in Polish society (ie Jews, Muslims, refugees, homosexuals and transgender people);

• PiS supporters have the same negative attitudes towards supporters of opposition parties and groups traditionally disliked by Poles;

• Supporters of opposition parties believe that they are more disliked by their political opponents than the supporters of the ruling party;

• Supporters of opposition parties believe that they are more dehumanized by their political opponents than the supporters of the ruling party;

• Both PiS supporters and supporters of opposition parties feel negative feelings about political opponents by predicting that political opponents do not like and dehumanize the group to which the respondent belongs;

• Both in the group of voters of the PiS and voters of opposition parties, dehumanization of political opponents is envisaged by the belief that political opponents dehumanize the group to which the respondent belongs;

• PiS supporters have more frequent contact with opposition supporters than supporters of the opposition with PiS supporters;

• In the group of PiS supporters, contact with opposition supporters is associated with positive attitudes towards them - the more frequent are the interactions with opposition party voters, the warmer are the feelings of the group, the greater trust towards its members and the less dehumanization

• The effects of contact with political opponents are much weaker in the group of opposition supporters; contact with PiS supporters was associated with greater confidence in this group, but only in those voters of opposition parties who did not perceive their attitudes in moral categories. In people who saw their attitude towards opponents as a matter of morality, contact with PiS supporters was associated with less trust in this group."

Thank you very much to Jerzy for sending this in. 


  1. Interesting research (I read it).

    The anti-PiS people are more often hostile to pro-PiS people than the pro-PiS people are to anti-PiS people.

    I knew all along that hatred and intolerance come much more from the political left (the anti-religion and anti-patriotism crowd) than they come from the political right. It is the same in Poland as it long has been in the West. That is nothing new.

    Those who scream the loudest about hatred and intolerance are usually the most guilty parties.

  2. Dear Danusha,

    What is it like in America between republicans and democrats?
    Also i do believe this to be true: i am a supporter of PiS (still the lesser evil. PO politicians have a colonial mindset! One example: Poland will now built a huge central airport. One prominent PO politician commented on this by saying:"why built a huge airport in Poland? There is one in Berlin"! Oh gosh- why speak Polish? there is the German language and why have a capital in Warsaw when there is a capital in Berlin?! This is exactly why i will never vote for them!). As I have already mentioned I am a PiS supporter. The amount of personal abuse that has been heaped upon me is astonishing.I on the other hand have never abused anyone but tried to convince him or her why he or she should switch their party allegiance. I also have come to the belief that left wing politics is kind of a religion and if you don't eat here to it then you are a heretic and must be destroyed by any means possible.

    Unfortunately this is exactly Why conservative often loose to these people: we are being way too nice and humane.

    1. re: the left is a kind of religion


  3. "Unfortunately this is exactly Why conservative often loose [lose] to these people: we are being way too nice and humane."


    Remember Vice President Dan Quayle? Unlike President Trump, he was an absolute nice guy--a gentleman in every way. And the libs treated him worse than trash.

  4. https://www.politico.eu/article/anti-semitism-revisionism-holocaust-study-finds-holocaust-revisionism-rampant-in-eus-east/?fbclid=IwAR251UdsgOJ7n_1msHsDWwWMR4mnYo2BUmyiHBuzFue6IghAORlYx8N9fiA "Revisionism is worst in new Central European members Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Lithuania." The authors ignore difference between Nazi states (Hungary, Croatia) and anti-Nazi Poland. Lithuanian collaborators murdered not only Jews but also Christian Wilno elites. Yale and Grinnell students come to Europe with their prejudices and describe the prejudices rather than facts. The European Union of Progressive Judaism ''endorsed''.

  5. So the nations of Eastern Europe are finally pushing back against:

    1. The minimization of the crimes of the Communists.

    2. The belittling of the sufferings of Eastern Europeans.

    3. The dilution of German guilt through the exaggeration of both the scope and the significance of Eastern Europe collaborators.

    Well done, Eastern Europeans. Keep it up.


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