Monday, April 16, 2018

"This *Is* a Polish Concentration Camp" Israeli Sign on Tracks at Auschwitz

Article here.


  1. President Rivlin, I suggest you read the history to avoid flaunting your ignorance as well as your hatred of Poles.

    According to you, the Germans were incapable of killing 6 million European Jews and could only do so with the enthusiastic assistance of Jew-hating Poles. This is undeniably false and absurd.

    You say that Jews in France, Belgium, and Holland were “betrayed” but in Poland, Jews were “murdered” by Poles, Ukrainians, and Lithuanians. Once again, read the history rather than rely on the bilge fed to Israeli youngsters participating in the March of the Living. German-occupied countries that collaborated with the Germans in rounding up, deporting, and executing Jews include Petain’s Vichy France (75,00), Tiso’s Slovakia (67,000), Pavelic’s Croatia, whose Ustase militia helped in deporting 32,000, Worthy’s Hungarian Arrow Cross militia, which murdered 10,000 – 15,000 outright and deported another 80,000, Holland’s Henneicke Column, which arrested and delivered 8,000-9,000 Jews to the Nazi authorities, and Bandera’s Ukrainian partisans, who together with German-commanded Ukrainian auxiliary police, helped the Germans kill numerous Jews. In several occupied countries, well-known fascist politicians, such as Quisling in Norway, Degrelle in Belgium, and Mussert in Holland, formed Nazi-style political parties and took an active part in rounding up and deporting Jews.

    While you claim Poles killed Jews, you must also acknowledge that, as the Soviets occupied eastern Poland in 1939, Jews willingly assisted in denouncing, arresting, executing, and deporting Poles to the Soviet interior and gulags. From 1940 -1941, 1.2 million Poles were deported, during which many thousands died. Throngs of Jews, often dressed in their best attire for the occasion, avidly greeted the Soviet invaders and often erected welcoming banners, presented flowers, and kissed their tanks. Jews again welcomed the Soviets in 1944 as they advanced westward after the retreating Germans and again denounced Poles to the NKVD.

    I have a question for you, President Rivlin. My father, Jan Sokolowski, a Pole, survived four German concentration camps. Is he a Holocaust survivor?

    1. Thank you Gene. May your voice be heard.

  2. Liron wrote in to say that the photo looks photoshopped. I ask Liron and anyone else who doubts the photo to note that it is listed as coming from Agence France Presse, and Ynet news identifies the photo as authentic. This doesn't make it real, but it certainly weakens any claim that it is photoshop.

    In any case, the concept behind the photo is not fake. Many highly placed people have been insisting for decades that Polish Catholic peasants are, or at least their worldview is, the root cause of the Holocaust.

    See my book Bieganski for support for this. see this blog.

  3. Anti-Polish hate speech and bigotry are more than alive and well in Israel. How many more examples like this do we need?

  4. Jan Peczkis wrote:

    "Anti-Polish hate speech and bigotry are more than alive and well in Israel. How many more examples like this do we need?"

    Need for what? To conclude that all Jews are our enemy?

    I reject any such conclusion. There are also ample examples of Jews in Israel defending Poland, or publishing defenses of Poland.

    The argument that anti Polish prejudice is a Jewish product is invalid.

    1. “The action of people placing signs such as “This is a Polish concentration camp” in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is a disgrace, they are irresponsible people who make difficult to work to eliminate anti-Semitism in Poland and the Israeli President should teach them to behave, if they don’t know how to behave they should stay in Israel. I as someone who lost my family in Auschwitz and as a Holocaust survivor say this loud and clear"
      Edward Mosberg

    2. Yuli Tamir's article throws more light on the behavior of the Israeli youth when they visit Poland. During her tenure as Israel's minister of education, she met with Lech Kaczynski. Kaczynski criticized the Israeli youth's attitude and demeanor, "You send your high school students to Poland, they march in our streets, waving Israeli flags, exuding hatred and fear; they look at us as though they’re seeing Satan, and then they go to Berlin to have a good time. And they have it good in Berlin, they sit in the cafes next to Gestapo headquarters and feel good. In Germany, they see culture and art; in Poland they see only bodies."

    3. Israeli high school principal has stopped trips to the death camps because they incite fear and hatred for the other and fuel extreme nationalism.

  5. Sad news.

    Yesterday Lt. Col. Stanisław Likiernik has passed away. He was a soldier of Home Army's elite unit Kedyw. Participant of the Warsaw Uprising. Wounded several times in combat. Many times decorated for his bravery.
    He was of Jewish descent.

    May he rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.

    1. I had reviewed Likiernik's book, BY DEVIL'S LUCK, on Amazon.

      Before fighting in the Soviet-betrayed 1944 Warsaw Uprising, Likiernik had been involved in KEDYW, the elite AK counterintelligence unit. Some 70% of KEDYW members had perished during the war. Likiernik was lucky.

    2. I hope he is sleeping safe in "the everlasting arms" with a wonderful awakening ahead of him when the time comes for the resurrection.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that, right now, literally EVERYTHING is tried to get Polish people 1. mad 2. to do drastic. Like burn down a temple/synagogue. It would "proof" that the perception of Poles being brutish monster is true.And facilitate "recompensation" claims. Problem: Poles do not oblige. Ive gone through tons of comments- there were several that were drastic, yes-but thats nothing out of the ordinary (remember Godwins Law), most people expressed two wishes: For Poland not to be pestered any longer and that the diffamation will stop. Videos like the Ruderman foundation, horrible lies spouted by the Israeli ambasador to Poland and the president of Israel, Poland defamed internationally by unsubstantiated claims that "antisemitism" was on the rise (all the while in Germany: A supposed Jew was beaten with a belt in broad daylight. But, well, the Germans are "civilized" and not brutish Polish peasants, so nothing will be held against them, literally) and still: no over-the bord reaction from the Polish side. What will be treed next? Personally, I have just stopped caring. I just want Poland to restore its good name, pay jack-squat with regards to unrightful "recompensations" and never again allow hundreds of thousand people from vastly exotic cultures into Poland. Only people willing to assimilate in the long run, this will keep unnecessary societal frictions at bay.

  7. White House Writing Group hired by the Polish National Foundation to "rectify the false narrative, dangerous to Poland's national security and roles in NATO and the EU, of Polish complicity in the Holocaust, extermination camps, and other war crimes."


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