Monday, October 9, 2017

Polish Catholics Pray; Elites Panic

Wojtek Radwanski / Agence France Press / Getty Images 
Polish Catholics held a public prayer event, sponsored by churches. They prayed along the Bug River, Poland's border. 

And elites panicked. 

Islamophobic! they accused. 

For heaven's sake. These are Catholics praying the rosary and people are *afraid*? 

Priorities, people. 

If you want to read about why Polish Catholics praying is a bad, bad thing, something you need to fear and revile, visit the "Notes from Poland" Facebook page, which can always be relied on to tell you that Poland is backward, xenophobic, violent, racist, drunken, and a complete failure.

Here's one quote, "idiots, these are the rednecks of Europe who live in the 10th century, their backward christian thinking is quite astonishing, especially when compared to the Christians of the middle east who adopted Christianity 1000 years before the Poles did"

And another, "I'd write something, but I only have expletives on my mind, and I need to remind myself that not all Christians are short-sighted, easily manipulated fanatics..."

And another, " I wish these so-called "Christians" would listen to their own Bible for a change! John 14,27: "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid." Being "afraid" is exactly what their Jesus told them NOT to do!!"

There are much too many more to quote them all here. You can find them all here under a post from October 7. 

The event was covered in several press organs. You can read the New York Times coverage here. covered the event here


  1. Danusha:

    Isn't the rosary opening up a safe space, a God-space?

    And I thought that even for Catholics the rosary was scary sometimes especially if you were opening up to big ideas and big hatreds.

    There are lots of wonderful resources about peace. And John 14:27 does leave a good space.

    And 1000 years would mean 100 BCE because Poland adopted Christianity in 966.

  2. The hostility to the Christian religion is part of the long-entrenched cultural Marxism that permeates much of media and academia.

    Once again, Rafal Pankowski is being quoted as some kind of authority on this subject. In actuality, Rafal Pankowski is a radical leftist with ties to anarchist groups. For further details, please click on my name in this specific posting.

  3. A useful distraction from another instance of an American killing lots of Americans using guns that civilians should not and do not need to have access to.

    1. Wow. A left wing Alex Jones. Welcome. Nothing is more entertaining than unhinged conspiracy theories. So, is the CIA communicating this information to you via the fillings in your teeth?


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