Monday, July 17, 2017

Stupid Pole. You Don't Belong Here. Go Back to Your Country: RIP Dagmara Prybysz, 16

Dagmara Prybysz, 16, evidently hanged herself after being bullied at her British school. She was called a "Stupid Pole," told she did not belong, and told to leave. Her family had arrived in Britain nine years earlier. 

She stood up for another child, also Polish, who was also being bullied. 

People often say my book Bieganski the Brute Polak Stereotype is unnecessary because there are no stereotypes of Poles and there is no such thing as anti Polish sentiment.

"Stupid Pole" is a persistent anti Polish meme. 

Polonia, please buy and read Bieganski. Please invite me to speak to your school or group. If you'd like a Polish language version, email me. I can send you a copy. 

Read more about Dagmara here


  1. Bieganski blog readers can read the inquest for 17 and 18 July at Cornwall Live.

    17 July inquest live

    18 July 2017 inquest - Dagmara's father and uncle walk out for half an hour

    I will try to find today's [19th July] inquest at the same website.

    If readers are inclined to rhyme; how did they rhyme "Stupid Pole"? And how would they have done it at 16 years of age?

    [I have a personal and professional answer for both].

    Hopefully there is a Dagmara Prybsyz fund in which Bieganski and similar teaching materials can be pooled for the benefit of people in Cornwall.

    And school copies? 20-30? Or even 100?

    1. That's a great idea. I wish Polonia would make it happen.

    2. It would be great.

      I found that the 19th July inquest returned "open verdict".

      19 July 2017 Cornwall Live Dagmara inquest ends

  2. This is BS. She was obviously gorgeous. The fact that she was Polish just gave some local tramps an excuse to go after her. The problem is rather that if this was done to a Muslim student or a black student, the BBC HQ would have emptied to report on the story. If the victim was a Jewish girl, it would make front page in the NY Times. The bullies know who they can bully and who to leave alone. I always liked the story of the Russian dude who killed that Swiss traffic controller for effectively killing his wife. If Poles had one ball, those bullies hands' would be found - the rest dissolved in acid


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