Friday, February 3, 2017

Bieganski at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution is one of the most prestigious, taxpayer-funded educational and cultural fixtures in American life. 

The Smithsonian Institution prides itself on being a champion of the oppressed, hosting, as it does, the National Museum of the American Indian, one of the most politically correct museums in the country, See my article here.

The Smithsonian also hosts the National Museum of African American History and Culture, that has a similar Politically Correct mission to present only one chosen aspect of African American history, and carefully to weed out any aspect of African American culture that would prove anything other than hagiographic. 

But the Smithsonian, for all its Political Correctness, is more than happy to disseminate the Bieganski stereotype of Poles as co-perpetrators with, not victims of, the Nazis. See Smithsonian article here that identifies Poles thus. "But whether the database will affect public opinion about Poland—and its involvement in one of history’s most heinous episodes—remains to be seen."

Polonia, you do this to yourself. You do not support your scholars and writers who have tried to work on this stereotype.

One can only weep. 

Please buy and read "Bieganski." Assign it in classes. Invite me to speak. Polonia, you have what you need -- you simply refuse to act. 


  1. No surprise: The Smithsonian is solicitous over the Native American but has no problem in traducing Poles. This shows, once again, that political correctness is nothing but a left-wing sham. It is nothing more than identity politics.

    I appreciate the Polish initiative to identify the German guards at Auschwitz. However, such efforts are of limited value, because they merely treat the symptom, and because they treat Jewish attacks on Poland as if they were rational issues.

    Thus, merely responding to attacks puts us on the defensive, and allows the enemy to define the battle on his terms. It is like waiting for the arsonist to strike, and then trying to be quick to identify the site of the fire and put it out before it does too much damage.

    A much better approach is to go after the arsonist, or at least prevent him from buying any more gasoline to start the fires. In like manner, a much better approach is to go after the “arsonist”—the Holocaust establishment--and expose its propaganda, its tactics, and its agendas.

  2. "Jewish attacks"

    There are no Jewish attacks. Individuals and organization say things and that is the extent of it. Please stop.

    Chris Helinsky

    1. OK, will do.

      Let me know when 90% of well-publicized anti-Polish statements in opinion-forming circles (media, education, entertainment) come from influential Polynesian-Americans, and I will then call the Polynesian-Americans on it.

      I promise!

    2. Yes, I do find it best to keep out of the defensive corner, as it is where we are being pushed.

      But just want to take the opportunity to thank both Jan and Danusha for their sterling work in this area.

      As we have been put on the "unter" page of The Handbook of Political Correctness - through no fault of our own - we are caught in a nasty Catch 22.

      Dealing with it does at least provide an interesting challenge.

  3. Chris Helinsky thank you. You speak for me.

    I believe in free speech so I allow a variety of expression here.

    I have repeatedly made clear that I don't share Jan's nationalist view point.

    Jews are not the enemy. Attacking Jews is not the solution. I will not debate what I just wrote so Jan if you send in another post arguing that Jews are the enemy and that attacking Jews is the solution I will not post it. I can't devote so much time to filtering your posts.

  4. Here is another suggested blog heading for you Danusha: Bieganski at the BBC

    It has just used the expression "Nazi-occupied Germany":

    "Back in Germany, Bertha's mother and father had made arrangements to escape from Nazi occupied Germany. In a dangerous journey they slowly made their way across Europe and in 1944, five years since they were last together, Bertha's family were finally reunited in England."
    BBC - The One Show - One Passions Blog: Escape from the Nazis: Kindertransport

    Now that begs the question: who were these mysterious Nazis who occupied Germany, presumably after an invasion? I have a horrible suspicion that it will turn out to be the Revised Axis Powers of Poland, Poland and Poland... time will tell.

    It is surprising that people end up not knowing what to believe?

    But, on the Doubleplusgood side, that can and should make us more and more grateful for the rock of the truth that is the Inspired Scriptures, both Hebrew and Christian Greek. We can trust in them with all our heart. And we can trust in the coming rescue.

    And how much we need it. The horrors of the last century alone should show us that the Hebrew Scriptures are exactly right when they warn that "it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step".

    How can anyone doubt those words?

    1. Hi, Sue, I just posted about that and credited you.


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