Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bieganski Lives in 2016

The Polish-language version of Bieganski, Biegański: Stereotyp Polaka bydlaka w stosunkach polsko-żydowskich i amerykańskiej kulturze popularnej, is now available on Amazon. I hope concerned Polonians and friends will post and vote for positive reviews. You can do so here.

And of course Bieganski remains available in an English-language version, here.

Recently a Polish man interviewed me about Bieganski.

This Polish man told me that reading the book shocked him. It was like a "cold shower," he reported. He seemed incredulous that my book reported conditions accurately.

As part of my response to him, I sent him the following:

Today is March 20, 2016. I just typed "dumb Polak" into a Google search box and limited the search to the previous year. That's a way to see how current the stereotype is. Every reference to "dumb Polaks" that I saw in my search is limited to material that was posted on the web in the past 365 days.

I found lots of material, including the exchange, below, between two discussants at an internet site. The discussants go by the screen names "BFIFE985" and "KOPYKAT."


BFIFE985 Like I said you're a dumb fucking Pollock who doesn't value his life. Watch for the red dot special. Lol.

Is your father a dump fuck Pollock like you too?

Here's a game for a dumb pollock like you. Go and find the penny in a corner of a round room! Lol! Dumb fuck

Who dumb fuck Pollock. Ever hear of ghost accounts. Typical pollock

KOPYKAT  Pollack? I'm not a fish? You really are one dumb cop. How can a fish type on a keyboard? Did you misspell the word on porpoise or just for the halibut?

pollack: pronounced [pol-uh k]

a food fish, Pollachius pollachius, of the cod family, inhabiting coastal North Atlantic waters from Scandinavia to northern Africa.

KOPYKAT You fucking moron. It's Polak, Not pollock or pollack. Go buy a dictionary you retarded fucking.

Stop you? stop you from what? Making an idiot out of yourself? You can't even stop you. It happens naturally.

BFIFE985  Like I said you can't do anything about who I may or may not be. Dumb fuck

BFIFE985  And? Another dumb pollack

KOPYKAT I got it. You're a stupid cop and another dumb Polak.

BFIFE985  Where did they bury your pollack father? Did he have a pollack casket? A garbage can with two handles?

KOPYKAT Get over it, your father is dead.

BFIFE985  Bingo! You proved yourself being a dumb fuck Pollack. Now get your fathers cock out of your mouth.

The noun Polack (/ˈpoʊlɑːk/ or /-læk/; also Pollack, Pollock, Polock), in the contemporary English language, is a derogatory reference to a person of Polish descent. It is an Anglicisation of the Polish language word Polak, which can mean a Polish male person or a person of Polish nationality

KOPYKAT Drew's size (5) 8===D, drilling your ass. Then you suck him off.

Does Gayle like to watch?

BFIFE985  I love seeing a dumb fuck pollack make a fool out of himself.

Like I said stop fucking your mother and your fathers pollack cock out of your mouth.

You're grasping at straws. There's nothing you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Lol


I also found the comment below as the caption to a video, here:

"Watch what happens to a Dumb Polack at a crossing gate

Polish biker really gives new meaning to the term."

Many people responded to this video and no one objected to the opening post's use of the words "Dumb Polack."


I also found this, posted on March 16, 2016, here.


"By this point in the 21st century, most working professionals know that there are certain things that are absolutely unacceptable in today's workplace. What might have been tolerable at an office setting in the 1970s can get you fired today. Sexually suggestive remarks, pornography on your computer, knocking back a few stiff drinks in your office, and racial epithets hurled at coworkers are actions that are no longer tolerated.

But what about a good, old-fashioned Polish joke? You know, the kind where employees don't really mean any ill will or disrespect towards a certain ethnicity, and they don't seem to be revealing any racism. They're just trying to have some fun, and everyone seems to be enjoying them. Those are still OK, right?

Wrong. A West Virginia mining company and an Oregon auto repair shop just learned the hard way that teasing or harassing behavior including national origin insults can lead to an employment discrimination lawsuit and a hefty price to pay, even if you think there is no malice behind the insults.

Polish Jokes At A Mining Company

Michael Jagodzinski was a mine foreman for Rhino Energy in Bolt, West Virginia. According to a lawsuit filed in federal court by the EEOC, he was treated to an array of derogatory remarks about his Polish national origin during the course of his employment. The complaint said that supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates would frequently call him 'stupid Polack' or 'dumb Polack' or other similar insults, and that coworkers would scrawl graffiti on mine walls saying things such as 'Jag sucks' (and many others unprintable in this publication).

At some point, according to the lawsuit, a poster of the Geico caveman was hung in the workplace with someone labeling the character as Jagodzinski. Mimicking a popular ad campaign and making fun of Jagodzinski's ill-fitting work uniform, the claim alleges that someone wrote on the poster: 'Pulling in a belt…so easy a caveman can do it. But a Polack can't.'"


  1. Bravo, Mr. Jagodzinski! Fighting fire with fire is the only way to go.

  2. Hello,

    In Poland the older generation is very pro-American. They lived under communism, so it was easy for them to idealise the United States and it's inhabitants. The very existence of democratic super-power was raising their spirits. USA was like the land of Prester John.
    But that time is over.
    The Iron Curtain is gone. We now can meet the Americans, learn what they think about us. The younger generation of Poles doesn't share the same delusions with their fathers and grandfathers.


    1. I was shocked by reading this blogg, as I until quite recently had no idea that there is so much contempt for Poles in USA.In Sweden where I live, this phenomenon works in the open only among school children. My daughter who died at the age of 22 was harassed at upper secondary school in Gothenburg with reference to my Polish background.Poles from a certain minority have no problems in Sweden, rather the opposite. I was not aware of this difference in attitude until quite recently, when I after years of deep mourning finally got able to dig into stuff...

    2. Lucy Lipinska if you comment on more recent posts people are more likely to see your posts. Very few people look at the comment sections of older posts.

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    I don't know where to start.

    Anti-Polonism in United States predates Operation Paperclip. Those Nazis were secretly imported to America much later.

    Edward Bernays invented public relations not propaganda. The concept of propaganda was created by the Catholic Church. The Church, on the other hand, was started by a Jew named Jesus. You're a conspiracy believer, so I guess that your "spider sense" is tingling right now.

    You use word "Zio" too often, bro. Seriously.

    "Dump the West, Poland!"
    Oh, it will be dumped. It's just like in the times of the Roman Empire. The West will fall. And the East will save what it can from destruction.

    I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I'm just a simple Pollack. I believe that what goes around comes around. Colonists will be colonized. Invaders will be invaded.
    One particular country is having it's own "deluge" even as I write this. Long overdue, though.

    As for "White Genocide"- I will quote Arnold Toynbee:
    Civilizations are not murdered, they commit suicide.

    In my hometown we have a street named after Jewish doctor. She saved countless lives.
    We also have Janusz Korczak Elementary School.
    Deeds matter, not words.

    1. Lukasz, fwiw, I posted the message without reading it thoroughly. Michal Karski alerted me to its contents. I deleted it.

    2. Hello,

      You can also delete mine message above.
      I simply felt that I must respond to what Anonymous wrote.

    3. May I keep your message up? I like what you said.


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