Friday, June 5, 2015

"Two Polish Airline Pilots" Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace

Nick Goska sent this in. It's a video of Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace driving in a car. At the 9.20 point, Jerry Seinfeld tells a Polak joke about two Polish airline pilots. And -- that's all I've got. I don't know if there was any backlash to this. I don't know when it aired. 

You can watch the video here


  1. Yes, they carefully took time out to underline the fact the we are on the "unter" page in The Handbook of Political Correctness. Which is a Manual that is very sanctimonious indeed about the way the Nazis "ubered" and "untered" people.

  2. Looks like Bieganski continues to be alive and well courtesy of the video’s two comics who repeat a Polish joke they attribute to Bob Newhart. As always, the intent of these jokes is to gratuitously denigrate anyone Polish by depicting them as utterly stupid.

    In response to the arrogance and ignorance of our Jewish-American and African-American jokesters, I would cite three factual examples of Polish pilots’ intelligence, courage, and skill.

    The first is the Polish RAF squadrons that fought in the Battle of Britain, an all-air battle between the RAF and Luftwaffe that was a turning point in World War II. Among these was the 303rd Kosciuszko Squadron, which had the highest kill rate in the RAF. RAF commanders protested when government censors refused to allow this fact to appear in the press. Note also that the Polish pilots weren’t allowed to enter the battle until the halfway point.

    The second is Colonel Francis Gabreski, a Polish-American Air Force officer who was the leading American fighter ace in Europe during World War II, a jet fighter ace in the Korean War, one of only seven U.S. combat pilots to become an ace in two wars, and the third highest scoring ace in U.S. history. During World War II, he spent two years not engaged in combat; one year as the U.S. Liaison Officer to the 315th Polish RAF Squadron and one year in German Stalag Luft 1.

    The third is Captain Tadeusz Wrona, who made a flawless emergency landing in 2011 at Warsaw Chopin Airport after the landing gear on his Boeing 737 failed to extend. All 231 aboard the flight from Newark survived without any significant injuries.

    Having skimmed a portion of the comments, I didn’t see any objections to Seinfeld’s and Wallace’s ethnic put-down. Then again, with this audience I guess I shouldn’t expect to.

    1. Thanks Gene - and, yes, I too noted there were no objections. But of course a lot of effort has gone into to signalling that we are a safe target. So I suppose only those with principles not formed by "the world" would object.

      On the silver lining side, doesn't it makes Jehovah's standards shine ever brighter in contrast? He sets the Golden Rule, teaching us to treat everyone with kindness and respect, as we ourselves would want to be treated.

      The Battle of Britain was fought in the skies over my head, and the ordnance lies all over. (My husband is a metal detectorist.)

      I am old enough now to realise just how young those pilots who fought and died in the skies above my head were. And, while I know they should not have been fighting and killing each other, I hope that our Creator, the God of Abraham, will remember them all, and will wake them from the dreamless sleep of death when the time comes for the resurrection, and that they will next open their eyes in an earth truly at peace.

      Would it be worth directing both those "comedians" to this blogpost I wonder...


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