Saturday, November 29, 2014

Student Handout: "A Relatively Large Number of Poles Collaborated with the Nazis."

A document identified at the top of the page as a "student handout." Milaca, Minnesota. K-12, that is kindergarten through 12th grade. 

"A relatively large number of Poles collaborated with the Nazis." 

Not so in France. "Many French citizens found it difficult to accept that Jews were being deported and began helping Jews...Germans realized they couldn't rely on the French."

"Most Dutch were reluctant to cooperate" with the Nazis...The German occupation of the Netherlands is considered the most ruthless in Western Europe" [emphasis added -- the Nazi occupation of Poland was the most ruthless, but Poland is not in Western Europe.]

"Many Italians assisted Jews." 

Pope Pius XII is seen as a silent collaborator. 

Entire document here


  1. This kind of egregious rot seems to becoming more and more prevalent, as if there was some kind of orchestrated propaganda attempt to smear Poland.

    In addition, this "educational" document is silent on the Jewish collaborators--the Judenrate and the Jewish ghetto police. It is they, and not the Poles, who were the main assets to the Germans in terms of the mass extermination of Poland's Jews.

    THE FACTS: According to a quoted Israeli study (click on my name in this specific posting), about 7,000 Poles collaborated with the Nazis. Since the ethnic Polish population then was about 28 million, this comes out to a staggering 1 in 4,000 Poles being a Nazi collaborator.

    1. This document also doesn't mention the Waffen-SS units from Western Europe. Once again some countries get "special" treatment.

  2. Hello Jan, clearly there is an orchestrated campaign, a political agenda. It is a constant reminder to me of what "the world" is, of who is in charge of it ("the father of the lie") and to be "no part" of it.

    It is chilling of course that this is carefully being taught to the new generation. But Satan's system of things is in its death throes and is showing us its true face, clearly enough.

    While this lovely earth seems to get more beautiful by the day - telling us as clearly as if it spoke of its Grand Creator, Jehovah of armies, the God of Abraham.

    A rescue is close at hand now. This is what we - Jehovah't Witnesses - are trying to tell you as we go door to door.

  3. I don't think that there is an orchestrated campaign. I think the Bieganski stereotype is folklore -- an idea held by many people that exists in multiple forms. It's like a joke that is told over and over -- the people telling the joke are not part of any campaign.

    Jan Peczkis, I was thinking the same thing about how the Judenrat, etc. is not mentioned.

  4. I agree that much Polonophobia is folklore. However, there is more to it than that. While I do not get into conspiracy theories, I cannot help but notice that the promotion of the Holocaust in American media and education, along with its anti-Polish themes, is a well-organized, well-financed enterprise. That student handout in Minnesota, and what it says, is no accident.

    I have studied the Judenrate, and reviewed several works on this subject (besides, of course, diaries and memoirs that mention them). If you are interested, please click on my name in this specific posting.

    1. Other people - I mean people other than us Poles/Polonians - do notice what is happening. Three British MPs issued a press release about the way Nazi concentration camps are being re-defined as "Polish".

      I can't find it on the net, but I kept an extract, as I sent each one of them a thank you card and letter. It was a brave thing to do, as there are certainly no votes in it.

      In part it said:

      “The location of most of these camps by Nazi Germany in what was then
      occupied Poland does not justify the description "Polish". We do not
      refer to ancient amphitheatres in France as "French" but as "Roman";
      we do not refer to the Krak des Chevaliers castle in Syria as a
      "Syrian" but as a "Crusader" fortress; we do not refer to the former
      colonial slave forts in Ghana as "Ghanaian" but as "British"; we do
      not refer to Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba as "Cuban" but as "U.S.". In
      each case the symbol of oppression is associated by its description
      with the perpetrator and not the territory in which it is currently

      And I have yet to see the notorious Japanese POW camps of WW2 described as anything other than Japanese, though they were sited in many different countries.

      Is it a coincidence that the rules suddenly change when it comes to Poland? Or is it a political agenda?

      Once again, I hope it can help us to think very seriously about what our Creator, the God of Abraham, has warned us about "the world" - the current system of things on the earth.


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