Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jewish Journal: Poland Safest Place for European Jews. JJ Readers: Are You Kidding?

Severyn Ashkenazy is a Holocaust survivor who was born in Poland. In a recent article in the Jewish Journal he insists that Poland is the safest place in Europe today for Jews. This isn't a hard statement to make; given mass Muslim immigration, Western Europe is becoming a much less safe place for Jews, so much so that many Western European Jews hide any sign of Jewish identity in public. This past summer saw mobs in the streets of Western European capitals, mobs shouting "Death to the Jews" and "Jews to the gas."

Ashkenazy's article is marred by anti-Catholic hatred. It is a shame that the Jewish Journal did nothing to edit that.

There is a discussion beneath the article. In the discussion, Daniel S. Toma wrote, "the Poles went out of their way to turn Jews over. It was way beyond 'being forced to do so by the Nazis'… You're asking when I last heard of an attack on Jews in Poland? When was the last time a Jew was attacked (for being Jewish) in Iraq or Syria? Nothing recently, right? That's because Jewish people aren't nutty enough to live there."

A couple of other posters, including Marcin Kaczorowski and Leszek Strzelecki, politely attempt to educate Mr. Toma.

Perhaps some Bieganski the Blog regulars would like to join in that effort.

You can read Ashkenazy's article proclaiming Poland as a good place for Jews to live here.

Thanks to Bozena Brzeczek Masters for sending in this link.

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  1. I have read the link. Based on the reactions to many of the Amazon reviews that I have written, I can conclude that the attitudes exhibited by Mr. Toma are unfortunately quite common.


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