Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bieganski on Curtis and Kuby on WABC: Ron Kuby Paints All Ukrainians as Anti-Semitic Monsters as Ukrainians Fight for Freedom

Associated Press. Source: Huffington Post
In the third hour of today's "Curtis and Kuby" show on WABC, radio host Ron Kuby, speaking over what sounded like a Cossack choir, vividly depicted all Ukrainians as Bieganski-style brutes. Ukrainians are experts at pogroms, at killing Jews, at hatred and anti-Semitism. They are pro-Nazi. 

I phoned the show. I identified myself as the author of Bieganski. Kuby went into an impassioned rant. He more or less accused me of denying the existence of anti-Semitism or pogroms, which of course I did not do. I had had only seconds of airtime, and I merely identified myself as the author of Bieganski, and pointed out that Kuby was peddling hateful stereotypes at a time when Ukrainians are fighting for freedom. 

I attempted to respond to Kuby's lengthy, hateful rant. "Please remember that Leo Frank was lynched in the United States, but we don't denounce all Americans as anti-Semites." I attempted to point out that, in the past, Ukrainians tortured and massacred Polish Catholics, but I don't hate every Ukrainian I meet. I don't cultivate hatred or stereotyping of Ukrainians, as Kuby did. 

I don't think that that answer was heard on the air. I was given about ten seconds (not an exaggeration) of airtime. 

Ron Kuby's hate-mongering on WABC today, and his refusal to allow a voice that contradicted his own hateful one, at the very time Ukrainians are fighting for freedom and need international support, is despicable.

WABC is often identified as America's largest talk radio station. 

Here is a link to the show's homepage. If anyone finds contact information for the show, please send it along and I will post it. 

I hope that concerned readers will consider contacting WABC's Curtis and Kuby show. Kuby's cohost is Curtis Sliwa who is of Italian and Polish ancestry. 



    This is the archive for the shows. They seem to post the shows one day later, so tomorrow there will be a link here for today's show.

    Sorry they were ( are ) so stupid but what do you expect from those guys. I often wish turnips could change and talk endlessly trying to get them to change but they never seem to understand.
    Those two have less of a chance... their job is is to troll. They'll always make it controversial because passion brings listeners. Unlike your purpose they're not interested in the truth or understanding or logic. Or decent behavior apparently.
    So chin up, and remember when a turnip behaves like a turnip it's because it's just a turnip and there's nothing you did or can do. If you agreed with them they would have had to have the same reaction. Moral outrage brought to you by our favorite sponsor...nothing more.

    You shouldn't listen to them just in case it's something catchy. Stupidity-by-proxy or something like that. sure to wash your hands and ears thoroughly with soap and hot water just in case.



    1. Otto Gross, thank you for the post and thank you for the support.

  2. Big deal

    Kuby is a former JDL wacko turned leftist wacko. Happy to see that certain aspects of his hatred have remained constant though!

    Sliwa is a well known attention whore.

    And that would be all for that

  3. God this is just one more reason to not listen to Amerikan talk radio, unless you want to do what you did. Heavy price to pay,.

    1. Eyton I don't have a TV so radio is my only choice. I find Curtis and Kuby funny and a bit charming much of the time.


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