Friday, December 21, 2012

Od Narodzin do Smierci: A Potential Last Minute Christmas Gift

This is real, raw, authentic Eastern European folk music. Most singers are recorded unaccompanied by instruments. There is the occasional fiddle or drum.

I have traveled in Eastern European villages and my older relatives came from there. This is music I remember from the village, and from older relatives in the US. When singing broke out at family reunions, it sounded like this.

The singers are not American Idol material. They are raw and totally committed to each and every lyric.

That's a plus -- their enunciation is superb. I'm able to make out quite a few vocabulary words of their folk poetry. The words are basic Polish words about life and death: Almighty God. Oh, my mother. The town, the cake (in Polish, they rhyme.)

What too many people think of as folk music has been polished beyond recognition in order to make it marketable. That's not what you get with this CD. What you hear here is pure heart, soul, and commitment.

Od Narodzin do Smierci is available for purchase at Amazon here


  1. Thanks for the find Danusha: I need that. Looks wonderful.


    1. MB: Glad to hear it. Let me know how you like it once you give it a listen.

  2. Well, I'll be back in the US sometime soon next year, so I'll have a lot to pick up...maybe an obscure, hard-to-get Bohunk centric tome as well.


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