Monday, October 29, 2012

Books! Free or Cheap! Come and Get 'Em!

Books Books Books! Come and Get 'Em!

Books on Polish topics. Books on Jewish topics. Books on Polish-Jewish topics.

Some are FREE! Some are CHEAP!

No offer will be turned away!

I need to de-cumulate a bit. Many of these are very good books. I am not giving them away because of their quality, but for other reasons.

Have a look!

If you see a book you want, please email me or post in the comments section. If the book is popular, brand new, and in good condition, I will ask for the standard used price from Amazon. If the book is older, with highlighting, I will probably send you the book just for whatever it costs for me to pack and post it.


ForYour Freedom and Ours. Olszer.

Mothers in the Fatherland. Claudia Koonz.

The Foreigners' Guide to Living in Slovakia. Hurn.

Third Winter of War, Language of Mules, and Lightning and Ashes. Guzlowski.

Perspectives in Polish History. Blejwas.

Polin Volume 1

Polin Volume 18

Polin Volume 19

Unheroic Conduct. Boyarin.

A Man for Others. Patrice Treece.

Trials of the Diaspora.

The Pope & I Jerzy Kluger

They Were Just People. Tammeus

Poland: A Jewish Matter.

Videocassette: Jerzy Hoffman's With Fire and Sword

White Field Black Sheep Markelis

Maps and Shadows. Jopek.


  1. I am also divesting myself of some of these same books or similar tomes. Right now they are ensconced in boxes in the basement. Good luck on re-homing yours. Mothers in the Fatherland is a must read I do believe. Christina Pacosz

  2. I am interested in Maps and Shadows for sure! Let me know what you are thinking on shipping/price.

  3. Also Mothers in the Fatherland.. this is exciting for me. A lot of these books look incredibly fascinating!

  4. My name is Ben Bieganski, I am doing some reasearch on your book to see where this is all coming from. My grandpa Leo Bieganski was 100% Polish and I believe I can pull up some history on this topic. His parent can directly from Poland and I am able to trace this tree back quite far. Look forward to getting through this book.


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