Friday, August 10, 2012

                                                               Polish Eagle

Hello everyone.
I wanted to post an update on Danusha.
She's out of surgery and in post-op recovery. She's awake and doing well.

Keep those thoughts and prayers coming! They mean so much to D.

I'll post comments and updates as I can.



  1. That's great news! Thanks for the update.

    I wish a full and speedy recovery.

  2. I have just recently stumbled upon this blog... Get well soon, I can't wait to read more of what you have to say! And never give up. I don't pray, but I'll be thinking positive thoughts, who knows, maybe deep down it's the same thing?

    1. Thank you Magdalena. Danusha and I were discussing what her next project might be today. She be glad to know you were thinking of her and we all hope she gets back online soon.


  3. Thank you Bartek. I saw D a little while ago and she was sitting up. I'll pass on the kind wishes.


  4. That's very good news. Please pass on to Danusha my very best wishes for a complete recovery.

  5. Hello, Mr. Gross.

    Please send Dr. Goska my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Im so glad all seems to have gone well-please give Dr. Goska my best wishes for a quick recovery.I am really looking forward to reading from her soon :-D

  7. Danusha, best wishes for a speedy recovery and we hope you keep writing & entertaining/stimulating us. Mick Gold, London

  8. Best wishes for a full and uneventful recovery after your surgery.

  9. Please let Dr Goska she is in my thoughts and that I am praying for her recovery.


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