Thursday, November 10, 2011

Watch This Space

I'm preparing a long blog post.

Tentative title: "Bieganski and the Crisis in Polonian Leadership: What You Can Do About Both."

If anyone reads this blog post, it will be controversial.

I keep going over every word, every anecdote, every conclusion.

Should I really say this?

I'm telling true stories about my real life experience, and yours and yours and yours.

I'm disguising details – who, what, when, why, where, how – so that no one can identify the specific people I'm talking about.

These stories should be told, I think, because they clearly indicate obstacles we need to overcome. We should stop allowing these obstacles to continually trip us up and thwart our progress toward desired goals we all say we want to achieve.

I'm suggesting roadmaps for action toward a better future.

If anyone reads this blog post, it will be controversial.

Is there anything I should not say?

Is there anything I should be sure to say?


  1. Please say it all.


  2. MB, thanks.

    I've decided I won't say it all -- that would be overkill.

    But I will say enough, including some very, very hard stuff.

    My goal is to get this post up within the month.

  3. Won't say it all....that can be a useful warning to the targets. I can't wait.

  4. Remember that your book has been bought mostly by academic, not public, libraries.

    Thus, it serves more as a resource to enable adjustments and countermeasures by the Slavophobes so prevalent in academia and upper class american life, and not so much as a source of enlightenment to the public in general, who might benefit.

    As I've said, our public library in a city with a large Polish population, found it not appropriate for their collection.

    As a comparison, look for similar themed books, and see if they are in public libraries. You will find them, and in large numbers. Slavophobia is basic policy among American elites and their clients.


  5. I should have added, look for similar themed books treating certain other groups' experience.



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